Capital City:

The Bleeding Ziggurat




Bearheart Tribe
Ghostflayer Tribe
Whitherlimb Tribe


Unknown, most likely Scourged


Alpine Forests
Swampy Moors

Economic Status:


Zul'Gamni is a northern portion of the Amani Trolls homeland of Zul'Aman. It sits across the Whitescar Mountains and neighbors the Emberlight. It is an old place of large alpine forests and deep and wet moors. Zul'Gamni is home to a deadly toxin known as Nightshade. In recent events, most of Zul'Gamni has become blighted and slowly consumed by the malfeasance of the Cult of the Bleeding Eye.

Zul Gamni is home to several tribes of trolls but chief among them are the following:

The Bearheart Tribe: Worship a loa that takes the shape of a great bear. They ride on the backs of armored battle bears and live within the higher reaches of the Whitescar Mountains.

The Ghostflayer Tribe: The Ghostflayers collect the neurotic toxins that make up the poison called Nightshade. Their loa takes the shape of a great spider, and the children of said creature produce the toxin required for the venom.

The Whitherlimb Tribe: Whitherlimbs were once the caretakers and priests of the Bleeding Ziggurat, the largest temple-city in Zul'Gamni. They were later overthrown when the Zandalari Tribe attempted to motivate the amani trolls into attacking the Emberlight. This led to the Invasion of the Emberlight.

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