Sacred Spear of Zandalar

The Zandalari previously held the greatest dominion of territory on Azeroth. They are the originator of most modern day troll tribes. Most recently however, their capital city and homeland is sinking into the sea, prompting the empire to attempt to conqeror a new homeland for themselves. One such attempt occurred during the Invasion of the Emberlight, where War-God Zakruul brought his band of Sacred Spears to the Emberlight.

They were rebuked and later derstroyed during a counter offensive known as the Invasion of Zul Aman.

Sacred Spears of Zandalar Edit

The Sacred Spears of Zandalar are an elite force of warrior-priests dispatched to combat the many threats of their glorious nation. Each Sacred Spear posses the ability to command a thousand fanatics. Used extensively during the Zandalari incursion in Pandaria, they were benefit of their alliance with the Mogu. Having been tried and tested in battle, they remain one of the most deadly fighting forces on Azeroth. They are only limited by their rarity in number.

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