Yokumba is a Zandalari Troll who currently acts as a mercenary and auxiliary soldier for the Thalassian military organization known as The Sunguard. Born into a moderately wealthy family in the sacred island city of Zuldazar, Yokumba was gifted with a sophisticated education and eventually, as a true first-born of a Zandalari commander is expected, pledged his service to the naval forces of King Rastakhan. This is where Yokumba built his reputation as a relatively skilled and astoundingly lucky ship captain, navigating The Snapping Turtle through dangerous adventures and enforcing the will of the Zandalari throughout the world. However, Yokumba eventually forsook his tribe as he read the ominous winds of change and fled to seek sanctuary among the Horde. After a few years of supporting himself through acts of violence, thuggery, lasciviousness, and vice, Yokumba was contacted by several disgruntled Zandalari aristocrats and was offered a promising future in exchange for his assistance in their master plan. Yokumba agreed and found himself assigned to the role of aiding the Blood Elves, primarily through the work of The Sunguard. Today he holds the rank of Emberward, and though he has taken no oath of undying loyalty to Quel'thalas, he has proven to be a valuable asset to the Blood Elves.

Captain Yokumba
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Yokumba as he appears in game.


Zandalari Troll






Breaker of Ships
South Sea Leviathan
Immortal Seducer
Former Captain of the Vir'naal Anaconda


Neutral Evil


The Sunguard
The New Zandalari Empire


Father: Ghar'kal (Deceased)
Mother: T'zwari (Alive)
Sister: Ayakande (Alive)
Sister: Tera'kah (Alive)
Sister: Sejani (Deceased)
Brother: Xakuro (Alive)
Sister: Ba'rena (Alive)
Brother: Doro (Deceased)


Zandalari Emissary



Appearance Edit

Yokumba is a little more stocky in comparison with the standard Zandalari tribe-member, he still maintains the infamous tall, long-limbed, born-to-hunt shape that all Trolls have in common. The definition and thickness of his musculature shows that he was never built to be placed behind an inkwell and quill. Although he is easily in his late fifties, Yokumba appears to be a fine specimen of Troll health and physical strength.

This Troll would likely be put on the darker end of the wide spectrum that is Zandalari skin color. His skin is a dark Prussian blue, and closely resembles the color of the deep ocean, where only a fraction of light is able to reach. Even darker patches of hardened skin are scattered over his shoulders and forearms.

Yokumba's face is long and sharply angled like most of his kin, with a strong jawline leading up into a pointed chin. Along with a straight and narrow nose, this Troll's facial structure could be said to be regal among his people, and a high arching brow only confirms this air of superiority.

Despite astonishing regenerative powers, decades facing the winds and sea will still leave a Troll calloused and weather beaten. Creases have begun to dig themselves into the Troll's cheeks and brow, a result of decades of adventure, experience, and sun.

Set deep in his skull, Yokumba's steel-grey eyes are those of someone who has seen many things in his years. While they remain as sharp and alert as ever, there is a weariness found within them that may not manifest elsewhere. Thankfully, that weariness is mostly hidden by the soft glow his eyes emit.

His dreadlocked hair is bone white to the point of being nearly blinding if caught in proper sunlight and reaches down to the middle of the Troll's back. These dreads are usually kept in long, thick braids which are then bound together with a length of rope, string, or fabric.

Yokumba sports a thick, shortly-trimmed white beard which effectively rounds out his pointed face and disguises his gaunt cheeks.

The pinna (or outer edge) of both of his long, bat-like ears have been ritually scarred, resulting in a series of small, raised bumps along the cartilage. The skin on either side of his eyes have also met the ritual needle and knife, though these scars consist of raised lines intended to be pictographs.

Like any well-to-do Zandalari, Yokumba's impressive skyward-curving tusks are well kept and polished, and gleam with the sheen only possible in ivory.

No morally grey ship captain would be complete without a showing of his wealth, and Yokumba has made sure that he lives up to the standard. His six thick fingers are all decorated with rings containing precious stones of various sizes, and a plethora of jewels and hoops dangle from his semi-rigid ears. His thick-ridged brow is also pierced, along with his nose and one of his nipples.

This Troll is covered in a great deal of ink, with the great majority of his tattoos reflecting his nautical lifestyle. Ships, crashing waves, and creatures of the deep have been carved into his flesh with the most prominent image being that of a mighty kraken sprawled across his back, and eight barbed tentacles wrapping around his torso, accentuating his musculature.

Personality Edit

Though Yokumba has certainly spent many years outside of the inner circles of Zandalari society, and has had his ego beaten to near death hundreds of times, he certainly clings to the sense of superiority that runs through all Troll blood. It is found in his posture and commanding voice, even while arguing over a few silver coins in a seedy bar.

Like most of his race, Yokumba has a confidence in himself that nears arrogance in nature, and results in the Troll indulging in many different types of risky behavior, with the primary activity often being gambling. The constant perception of invincibility that was bestowed upon all of Zandalari blood often leads Yokumba to throw caution to the wind, whether it be during a firefight on the high seas, or during acts of salacious debauchery.

Combat Ability Edit

The Zandalari styles of fighting take advantage of two key advantages the Zandalari often have over their opponents: their incredible physical strength and endurance, and their mysterious dark magic known as voodoo. Yokumba does not stray too far from this tradition, as he prefers to wade into the thick of battle, unlike the rest of his fellow Suncasters. His weapon of choice is a large, Zandalari-made broadsword which surrenders quick maneuverability in exchange for sheer mass and stopping power.

Yokumba is known to weave dark magic in order to bolster his offensive capabilities, as well as increase his survivability when engaged in melee combat. While he is capable of lobbing mojo-infused fire over great distances, these spells are usually used in conjunction with an aggressive charge, aiming to soften up targets before they are in range of his sword or other voodoo. The natural resilience of the Zandalari is only enhanced by his ability to siphon the life and strength from foes and convert it into life-restoring energy.

While a proficient conjurer, Yokumba is far more skilled with summoning voodoo, and is able to rip restless spirits from their disturbing, chaotic afterlife to do his bidding.

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