"But what is this?" Amadaeus pushed aside the ashes, ignoring the bile threatening to rise. The corpse had been burnt beyond recognition. The bones crumbled into soft greyish white ashes when his hand touched it. All but the hand. The hand was mostly intact, grasping a tightly held object. "You shouldn't have done that." Amadeus heard his apprentice's voice just before his world went black.


Plot Summary Edit

Investigating two weird murders, Amadeus Shadowcraft stumbles upon a scared soul who tells him a macabre story about a judge in a ruined city within the Ghostlands. As Amadeus gets closer to the ruined village of Treeholme he uncovers more murders. He discovers the victims were all guilty of some crime and were judged. But when amadeus stumbles upon the vengeful spirit's identity it becomes his turn to be judged...

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