Wildwood Ranger
A Wildwood Ranger in Farstrider Armor







The Wildwood Rangers are an armed division of expert rangers, hunters, and trackers that hail from the forests of Oakvale. Their duty is not only the protection and preservation of the forest but to serve as the armed forces of the House of Silvermourn. While few in number, the rangers are expert archers and highly capable in their own right.

Their current leader is Eyline Dawnforge, who was named their captain after the Invasion of the Dawnspire. Currently, their task is to eliminate and reduce of a massive swath of the forest corrupted by Blight. The vale has become twisted with profane magic and hordes of undead gather in great numbers. The rangers' duty is to eliminate these threats before they become uncontrollable, but with limited numbers, it is unlikely they will root out the undead outright.

Most recently, several rangers have been drafted into the thalassian paramilitary regiment known as The Sunguard. There they serve as expert scouts and ambush units.

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