The Whitherlimb Tribe were a tribe of Amani Trolls, and were the primary overseers of The Bleeding Ziggurat, a massive fortress found within Zul Gamni. They made up the priestly caste of worshipers and zealots who tended to the many primordial loa that were housed within the fortress. They are known for being one of the few northern amani tribes that used a strong written language. They are known to be more slender than other amani trolls, similar to their Darkspear or Gurubashi cousins.

During the events that lead up to the Invasion of the Emberlight, they were subdued by the combined forces of the Ghostflayer Tribe and the Zandalari Warband. They were caged and slowly sacrificed for blood sport and other gruesome rituals. During the Invasion of Zul Aman, the Ghostflayers were released by the thalassian regiment known as The Sunguard. The two enjoyed a tentative truce and the Ghostflayers allowed them within a secret village.

After the Bleeding Ziggurat was taken over by the Scourge, it is very likely that the Whitherlimb were all wiped out and raised into undeath. Reports of living Whitherlimb have not been heard of since.

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