The Whispering Glade is a blighted forest found south of Sundial Anchorage in the Thalassian Province of the Dawnspire. Once a large swath of meadows and light forests, the glade was the landing site of the Cult of the Bleeding Eye attempt at scourging the province. Now it is a haunted place forever tainted by the undead. While the blight there differs from that of the Oakvale or the Dead Scar, it no less is a constant cankerous sore for the people of the Dawnspire. Some attempts have been made to reclaim it, but so far those attempts have failed. It seems to be a natural place where adept necromancers come to train in the art and mindless undead are found there in abundance.

Battle of the Whispering Glade Edit

Following the Invasion of the Dawnspire, Archon Felthier Truefeather lead a host of 3,000 Sunguard warriors to engage in a growing army of undead under a fallen blood mage Kelendar Ebonscream. The battle was fierce due to Kelendar's dominance over two powerful crypt lords. In the end, the Sunguard was able to control the tide of the battle by funneling the undead into critical choke points and igniting fire traps undeath them. Kelendar was killed in the exchange.

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