Warden of the Blacksun Gate, is the nominal title given to the commander of the Blacksun Gate. While the rank does not imply the barer to be a noble, there have only been two Wardens in the history of the gate itself. Ivalia Blacksun was hailed as the First Warden before passing the title to her daughter Idrya Blacksun.

A warden's duties are set to marshaling the armies of the Blacksun Gate, defending both the Inner and Outer Vale of the Emberlight, and assuming the roll of general whenever their province goes to war. This title is not exactly a hereditary one, and the mantle of warden is handed down by the Lord Paramount of the Emberlight itself. This normally falls to the duty of head of House of Netherstar.

The title sits of equal rank to that of a Vidiri, or in common terms as Viscount.

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