A Vidiri(male) or Vidame(female) is a thalassian equivalent to the title of Viscount, a title used in various noble statuses but generally deemed to convey the rank of a middle-ranking noble. While not always traditionally hereditary, the title can be passed on to living heirs of a family if so deemed. Vidiris are often given administrative or judicial roles over a medium area of land that often includes multiple villages and hamlets. Generally, the incomes of a Vidiri will allow them to support a larger manse or a small castle, in some instances they will hold larger estates/castles but with narrower scopes of influence, such as the Warden of the Blacksun Gate.

Notable Vidiri: Edit

Lady Idrya Blacksun; Warden of the Blacksun Gate

Lady Evelynne Rosewind; Lady of Evergrove

Lord Vaelrin Firestorm; Lord of Shallowbrook

Lady Alaria Silverdawn, Lady of Lynx's Home

Lady Reinyara Sunshatter, Lady of the Goldsea

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