Var'thalan Ravenbough
Varthalan by senes
Art by Illuminest



Place of Birth

Highperch, Quel'Thalas

Noble Houses

House of Ravenbough

Military Titles



Blood Knight


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
Blood Knight Order
The Sunguard
House of Ravenbough
House of Truefeather

Known Family

Felonarias Ravenbough (father)
Soranyah Ravenbough † (mother)
Sev'ranesh Ravenbough (brother)
Cam'naris Ravenbough (brother)


Lawful Neutral


Young Adult (~75 Years Old)

Var'thalan Ravenbough is a Knight-Master within the Blood Knight Order and diplomat on behalf of the House of Ravenbough. Second son of Lord Felonarias Ravenbough, Var'thalan keeps loose ties to The Sunguard, currently led by longtime family allies.

Description Edit

Born of nobility and trained in the art of war, Var'thalan Ravenbough is an exemplar of Sin'dorei society - for better or for worse. Vibrant eyes the shade of fel green speak to his loyalties, but the well-read tome of the Light that he carries suggests a more disciplined path. A well-learned paladin and now Blood Knight, Var'thalan comes from a family whose history remains steeped in holy learnings.

His hair remains cut short on the sides, only long on the top and pinned back in a fine ponytail. Cuffs of gold mark the tips of his ears, and the rosary that sets tucked beneath his tabard of red and black is littered with jewels of the highest quality. There is no mistaking it; he hails from the upper-crust of Thalassian society.

Despite wading through years of war, Var'thalan has taken to aiding those with the Light far more than using his gift to destroy his opposition. A skilled mender, he often finds himself sealing his comrade's wounds on the field of battle. A gifted cavalryman due to his family's history breeding Thalassian destriers, he is capable of defending himself while mounted. The combination of a shield and short-sword look to be his preferred weaponry of choice, though a life spent under a disciplined, militant household has left him with varied training.

Personality Edit

At a glance the paladin may look cold and perhaps haughty, but these assumptions remain far from the truth. Var'thalan is a relatively caring individual, and enjoys making conversation with friends and strangers alike. He's often found joking with his two brothers, Sev'ranesh and Cam'naris, along with his good friend Rahsaen.

History Edit

"Just say that he's spent all of his time flitting around the Dawnspire being hot as hell" - caeliri

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