Valynth Dawnseeker
Art by Tennine



Place of Birth

The Emberlight, Quel’Thalas

Noble Houses

House Sunshield

Military Titles

Duskward of the Sunguard
Emberlight Warden
Ranger-Lieutenant, Wildwood Rangers


Pathfinder of The Sunguard


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The Sunguard
The Emberlight
The Alchemist's Society
The Scryers

Known Family

Vaseerya Dawnseeker (Deceased)
Thyrus Sunshield
Aestolas Sunshield


Lawful Neutral


Young Adult

Valynth Dawnseeker is a Pathfinder within The Sunguard, currently holding the rank of Duskward. A native to the Emberlight in Southern Quel'Thalas, Valynth holds the title of Emberlight Warden, claiming him to be a skilled hunter and survivalist.

Description Edit

Valynth Dawnseeker looks every part the ranger and survivalist that he's been forged to be through just over six decades of life. Tall and lithe like high grass, his frame gives way to an agile individual, one accustomed to being on their feet for long periods of time. Some might consider him too skinny for his own good, but he has learned to use the shape of his body to his advantage.

Hair as gold as the rising sun of Quel'Thalas sits long against his back, framing a face that's both equal parts youthful and ethereal. Eyes of a fel green sit above sharp cheekbones and a triangular jaw; he is very much his father's boy, even if his pale skin denotes his life among the cold and dark terrain of the Emberlight.
Valynth portrait by caeliri

Valynth, by Caeliri.

His armaments and trappings depict an individual that chooses their outfit for utility, not flash. Even with his proclivity for adorning his armor in small skulls and bones, he is garbed in armor built for purpose. A bow made of sunwood sits snug at his back, coupled with a quiver filled with all manner of arrows that serve great purpose depending on the circumstance.

The tabard of red and gold signifies his loyalty to his homelands, and to the Sunguard. Serving as a Pathfinder under the command of Ranger-Captain Vaelrin Firestorm, Valynth currently stands at the rank of Duskward. An experienced outdoorsman and ranger, he considers himself a budding tactician and a growing leader - if only his solemn nature did not serve to spoil such qualities.

Personality Edit

An enigmatic individual that prefers to keep most at arm's length, Valynth remains dutiful and makes few friends along the way. Dedicated to the prosperity of Quel'Thalas and those that reside within it, Valynth often sacrifices the prospect of a personal life for the sake of professional duties.

Quick to smile but just as quick to frown, Valynth is prone to frequent mood swings that some consider unexplainable. In truth, it entirely depends upon the company that surrounds him. He can be seen as quite a friendly and helpful individual to those that have gained his trust, but very aloof and skeptical towards strangers.

History in The Sunguard Edit

Not long after returning to Quel'Thalas after remaining in Shattrath City to work alongside The Scryers, Valynth found employment within The Sunguard. Inducted by Ranger-Captain Vaelrin Firestorm and now Dawnward Shirexia Xasarda, Valynth was promptly thrust into the field of battle at the Battle of the Arcane Tower to combat the threat of the scourge that still lingered in their homelands.

After their success, some considered Valynth to be a promising prospect: Vaelrin Firestorm himself chose Valynth to embark upon an assassination mission to remove a high-priority threat. Valynth, however, was unsuccessful in his attempt; not only did he fail in killing Yala Stargaze, but he was ultimately captured by their forces. Despite his efforts, he couldn't escape alone. Thankfully, his Pathfinder comrades set out on a rescue mission and saw to his return.

Valynth had little time to rest, as the scourge still pressed upon the lands held by the House of Truefeather and The Sunguard. Along the shores of Quel'Thalas, Valynth found himself fighting at The Battle of Sundial Anchorage, where Sunguard forces were successful in routing Kelendar Ebonscream and his undead forces. It wasn't long before their skirmishes culminated in a full-on offensive by enemy forces. With no choice but to fight for survival, the Sunguard put together everything they could to fight at the Battle of the Dawnspire, where they were ultimately victorious.

At the ceremony not after to celebrate their victories, Valynth was granted the rank of Lightward. Now provided a favor from Felthier Truefeather himself, Valynth requested that he be granted several assistants to help run his alchemy shop more efficiently. The request was considered a most humble one, and the help was easily provided so that Valynth's shop in Silvermoon could not only continue running while he was deployed, but continue to expand and provide resources to the Sunguard.


Valynth in Frostfire Ridge, by Caeliri.

With news of the dark portal emerging once more in the Blasted Lands, Valynth initially neglected to volunteer his bow in such endeavors. Instead, he set his sights on a mission tasked to a friend and comrade, Talathor Spellshatter. The two of them, alongside a contingent of Sunguard, entered The Shrine of Danil'belore with the intent of recapturing the once-great shrine that was told to have a vast library within. The group were met with considerable force; not of wretched as they expected, but of Highborne descent. Valynth was instrumental in destroying an Arcane Sentinel, and provided support in killing the Highborne Janis Spellglaive. Though Moon Guardian Lea'threa managed to flee, the group were ultimately successful in Reclaiming The Peak of Flame.

In what might now be considered a hasty decision, Valynth ultimately left Azeroth to embark upon a journey through the dark portal with the rest of the Sunguard forces. Alongside Zaelarin Darkheart and a small contingent of Pathfinders under their command, the pair found themselves lost in Frostfire Ridge, and unable to reconnect with the rest of their comrades. The group found Talathor Spellshatter, before ultimately making their way to Dehrys Everbrook's garrison. Valynth had designs to unseat Dehrys and take grasp of her resources, but eventually found the rest of the Sunguard instead.

Valynth was put to combat not long after, and found himself as part of the forces that held off a contingent of demons beneath the demonic Lord Shadowscar of the Shadow Council in the Battle for the Portal. With victory in hand, the Sunguard were able to connect a portal between Azeroth and Draenor that could be used for inter-dimensional transportation. With the immediate threat in Draenor subdued for a time, Valynth returned to Azeroth to continue his duties as a Pathfinder and Emberlight Warden. For his efforts in Draenor, Valynth was promoted to the rank of Duskward within The Sunguard.

It was not long before he was put to task once more beneath Sunward Esme Sunshard. With the threat of the Bleeding Eye Cult still lingering in Silvermoon, Esme was put in charge of investigating such rumors further. This ultimately led the group to the Cult of Pleasure, a brothel within the shadier part of Silvermoon managed by Madame Stardust and Lord Wilde. Though Valynth managed to do his part in combating a considerable force, the group of Sunguard were ultimately pushed back and made to retreat, unprepared for the considerable offense Madame Stardust and her cult had.

The threat would not remain on their minds long, as the Bleeding Eye once more prepared to attack the Sunguard in force. An army led by Kelendar Ebonscream met a contingent of Sunguard in the Battle of Belore's Grasp. Valynth and his band of Pathfinders were wildly successful in combat, and the Sunguard as a whole found victory. With such a rout, Kelendar Ebonscream had no chance to flee - he was ultimately killed, and the Bleeding Eye was delivered a decisive blow to their power.

While a large force of Sunguard crossed the dark portal once more to do battle with the Iron Horde's forces in Frostfire, Valynth remained in Azeroth to continue his duties. Valynth traveled once more to Draenor; this time, to Talador, to continue investigating the threat of demonic forces. Facing off against a force of Arrakoa adherents, Valynth ultimately found himself exhausted from his efforts in Talador after fighting a force led by Nazir the Windblade and a legendary beast named Quzatol the Ever-Burning. Though the Sunguard were largely victorious, Valynth's time in Draenor came to an end in order to recuperate.

With their mission in Draenor officially complete, Valynth remains in Quel'Thalas. A shift in duties has seen him relocate from his home in The Emberlight to the Oakvale, where he now serves as Ranger-Lieutenant beneath Dawnward Eyline Dawnforge in the Wildwood Rangers. These rangers are not only tasked to these southern lands, but serve within the ranks of The Sunguard as expert hunters and trackers.

Though Valynth remains a man of few words, he and the Dawnward Dawnforge get along well. He now adds the daunting task of helping the inhabitants of Oakvale attempt to eliminate and reduce the blight that plagues parts of the land and the capitol city, Oakhall, after an attack by the Cult of the Bleeding Eye.

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