Tyril Sunspear
Tyril, the Black Templar (by studiofruke)








Commander of the Black Templar
Kintaros of the Dawnspire


Black Templar
The Sunguard
House of Truefeather


Leariel Dawnstrike(Lover)


Lawful Good



Leader of the Black Templars, Tyril Sunspear has been a great ally to House Truefeather and has served as a faithful friend to Felthier Truefeather since childhood. A paragon of the light, Tyril will stop at nothing to see the enemies of the just be put to their end. Known for being honorable and true to a fault, Tyril is an experienced battle commander and formidable force on the field. To those who know him, they remember him as having a calm and unassuming personality and seldom see him without his armor.

Tyril is the son of General Aldonious Sunspear, a famous knight of the Dawnspire whom the Sunspear Battalion takes their name. He is also commander of the famous Black Templars, a small squadron of Scryer warriors, paladins, and mages who work as the special forces of the Scryers of Shattrath. Tyril was a central figure during the assault on Black Temple, and a commander in the Shattered Sun Offensive.

Tyril is a healer by trade, and his prowess in battle has awarded him the title of Exemplar, a venerated combat healer.

The Black Templar Edit

The Black Templar are a small elite force of Scryer soldiers that are led by Tyril Sunspear and Leariel Dawnstrike. They are prized magisters, priests, rangers, and venerated paladins. They won great renown for their valiant service in the Shattered Sun Offensive and defeating the Illidari at the Black Temple. They now reside within the Dawnspire but still retain their Scryer colors.

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