Tyleril Silversword, also known as "Tylenol" to many within the Sunguard, is an Emberward of the Dawnmenders who are lead by Cere'thien Blackwood. His blacksmith shop, Silversword Forges, is located in Farstrider Squre, Silvermoon City.

Tyleril's young son Samiel Silversword is a prodigy and apprenticed to Celtrois Soleilbrillant.

Appearance Edit

Outside of the infirmary Tyleril has a strong preference to wearing robes of traditional Sin'dorei designs and colors. When working at his smithy he changes it to a long grey sleeveless tunic and pants. Regardless of what he wears the halo of Light is always floating delicately between his pointed ears.

Due to centuries of blacksmithing Tyleril's hands are calloused, cuticles often stained black. It is rare to see him without a warm smile.

Healing Edit

Tyleril uses the Light to heal. He works best with flesh wounds, though he has experience with non-magical methods of healing and specializes in pain relief. He's familiar with basic herbs, salves, and medicines.

Tyleril has shown a willingness to work with Illidari, Death Knights, and others.

Though he avoids combat he almost always carried a heavy war mace or hammer with him. Though he seems to know how to use them they rarely leave his belt.

Personality Edit


Afflicted with a severe stutter Tyleril is a dedicated, gentle, and fiercely loyal man who does his best to see the good in the world. It's rare to see him without a warm smile and a kind word. Few get past the warm smile and cheerful attitude to see what lies underneath, shown only to a small handful he trusts.

Early life Edit

Born to a family of commoners, Tyleril was taught the art of metal smithing from a young age. He desired something more: to become a mage. When he was tested his skill in the arcane was weak and he struggled to do more than the most basic of spells. Resentment grew at what he felt was his Mother's suffocating maternal love and his Father's narrow view of the world. The more Tyleril tried to leave, the more his parents would react negatively. It was with some enthusiasm that he left his home shortly after reaching adulthood.

He never saw his parents again, assuming them to be dead after the end of the Third War and has never made any attempts to search for them.

The Light Edit

Following his journey leaving home Tyleril encountered many things in the world he had never seen. He attempted to earn enough coin to get to Dalaran, hoping he could learn something there. He had a desire to help people and felt that simply being a metalsmith wasn't enough. It had become a chore rather than a job he enjoyed. Despite his lack of talent in the arcane he hoped that earning coin coin would get him the training to use the arcane talent he had better.

He never made it there, running out of coin close to Lordaeron. He was fortunate enough to run into a Priest of the Silver Hand, who was more than willing to talk to him about the Light. Initially Tyleril had very little interest in what the Priest spoke of. But after seeing some of what the Priest could do with the Light Tyleril became a willing convert and traveled with the Priest for a time to learn what he could. The Light held a promise that he needed no talents or status denied by birth. It accepted him as he was despite it all.

In the centuries to come his devotion to the Light strengthened and through the Light he learned how to heal. There was little than was more satisfying than to help the wounded. It served a desire to do more and to be more than just a metal smith. Healing the wounded and easing the pain of others made gave him something he truly wanted.

It gave him purpose.

The Sunguard Edit

Ten years after his husband has vanished Tyleril felt that lack of purpose. Finding friendship with Celtrois Soleilbrillant and Razail Dusksinger encouraged him to pursue the Sunguard to once more find purpose he felt he was lacking. He seems to have found it working in the Dawnmenders and it's rare to see him without a cheerful smile or a kind greeting.

When not found in the infirmary it's not uncommon to find him asleep at his desk, kept mostly free of clutter. He's often around, Razail, Celtrois, Rai'thas Starshield, Alexander Bloodshield, or Aestus Battlevalor whom he considers close friends.

Art Edit

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