These Violent Delights Edit

A. Bitterale's These Violent Delights series starts off with a criminal escaping the troubles in the Plaguelands, Verenis Derlyn flees to Silvermoon City where he can hide from his past. Strong, clever, and fearless Verenis is tapped by one of the crimelords in Murder Row to help expand his territory and influence. Verenis and his gang tumble through the Row and the Ruins of Silvermoon, undermining other gangs, drinking hard, and shaking down victims. Soon Verenis becomes a rising star. But when Verenis seduces his boss's girl, the saucy, fickle, and dangerously beautiful Quithen, things quickly go south.

Double crossed and left to die far away from Silvermoon, Verenis plots his return to Silvermoon City, to wreck terrible vengeance on his betrayers.

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