The Warlock's Bane Edit

The Warlock's Bane is the sixth book in The Farstrider's Apprentice series. Preceded by Arcane Bearers and followed by Shadows of Zul'aman. Written by Farstrider Sym Brightarrow.

Plot summary Edit

With his fellow apprentices gone in the distant north, Haeldryn is left in the Ghostlands. Feeling bitter and forgotten Haeldryn spends his days practicing demon summoning and curses until the day he encounters someone who resembles his Master. But they're marked with the curse of doom- a curse that slowly drains the afflicted, eventually killing them with nightmares from their own fatigued mind. haeldryn believes he knows the cure but when nobody believes him the Warlock is forced to go on his own. Can Haeldryn break an unbreakable curse?

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