They survived the cold of Northrend and the necromancer cult in Stratholme. After seven long years Alyndor the Farstrider's Apprentice is finally returning home. But there are some people who don't want to see Alyndor's group return home- and will stop at nothing to ensure they won't come back...

Preceded by Shadows of Zul'aman and followed by The Farstrider.

Book Summary Edit

Alyndor, now twenty three years old has braved the Plaguelands, Stratholme and the frigid wastes of Northrend. After defeating the Vyrkul Frost Queen Alyndor and his friends manage to find a way back to Quel'thalas. But in Quel'thalas there's strange things happening- and there's some who don't want to see Alyndor and his friends returning. At the Farstrider's Enclave an almost successful attempt on the Ranger-General's life spreads worry and distrust among the Farstriders. Will Alyndor be able to return home to help the Farstrider's and save the Ranger-General?

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