The Iron Vault
Iron Vault


Morning Glory


House Sunwalker




Kingdom of Quel'thalas House Sunwalker

Basic Information Edit

At the base of one of the Sin'dorei's many alps, there is a dome-like edifice under constant guard. Within said dome is a single translocation orb akin to the one utilized in Silvermoon, however, this one transports the user into the Sunwalker stronghold.

The Iron Vault itself has unyielding walls surrounding front portion; the mountains surrounding it on either side and from behind provide a natural protection from assault. The infrastructure within those walls and encompassing mountains bears an architectural similarity to Darnassian and Highborne designs. Moreover, the Iron Vault has been enchanted to appear as though submerged in a soft, eternal dusk.

 At the center of the moderately bustling stronghold is a natural spring of water that supplies the denizens a constant supply of water for bathing, drinking, and otherwise. During the initial founding of the Iron Vault, the spring was blessed by the Novastorm’s most elite priests and priestesses, causing the water to take on an ethereal, cyan glow. It has since been magically imbued, resulting in thin plumes and ribbons of swirling water that perpetually encircle one another in a heavenly, skywards dance. The water produced by the spring is spread throughout the entirety of the Iron Vault, creating roads of water bordered by sidewalks that travel between and surround every building. In addition to serving as a means of serene traveling throughout the citadel, the roads of water filter into a bath complex.

The Iron Vault is equipped with a slew of beneficial buildings within, including but not limited to a small garrison, a forge, a church, a common dining hall, a bath complex, and several factory-like buildings used to process and pack the Sunwalker crops, textiles, perfumes, and weaponry. Furthermore, there is an enclosed and spherical stepped platform fitted to the face of the mountain bordering the western region of the Vault, overlooking the many acres of farmland and lesser buildings on the plateaus below.  

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