The Icebound Magister is the fourth book in The Farstrider's Apprentice series and was preceded by The Darkest Night[1] and followed by Arcane Bearers. Written by Farstrider Sym Brightarrow the book was well-received, with critics praising the characters. It's popularity resulted in the spin-off novel The Rogue's Apprentice.

Synopsis Edit

In the frozen lands of Northrend there lies a dangerous threat to Silvermoon City...

Jenyl is suddenly sent out with her Master, the Magister Kelenth to the icy reaches of Northrend. After a month passes with no word Alyndor and the other apprentices are allowed to follow their Masters to Northrend where a chilling evil awaits them.

Characters Edit

  • Alyndor : The Farstrider's Apprentice.
  • Jenyl : The Magister's Apprentice
  • Eve'lyn : The Farstrider and second in Command to the Ranger General.
  • Alysia :Alysia is the apprentice of Amadaeus 'rock me' Shadowcraft.
  • Amadaeus 'Rock me' Shadowcraft : Alysia's Rogue master. A true master of subtlety and a master with daggers.
  • Alredn Bitterstar- Haeldryn's Warlock Master. Alredn is highly regarded as one of the best warlocks in Azeroth. Snarky, clever, and utterly merciless to those who would seek to harm Quel'thalas
  • Keleneth : Magister and Master of the Arcane. Rival of a highly respected Felamncer.

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