The Farstrider's Apprentice is the first novel in the Farstriders Apprentice series written by Sin'dorei Author Sym Brightarrow. It was first released in Silvermoon a decade ago. The Farstrider's Apprentice originally started as several short stories the Author wrote to help his son get into reading. Ten years later, he decided to turn them into The Farstrider's Apprentice, the first book in the Farstrider's Apprentice series.

Followed by Journey to Stratholme.

Plot summary Edit

Kor’deth, the exiled death knight who has taken over the bleak, barren city of Stratholme and  has been waiting fifteen years in his dark realm, carefully planning his revenge against the Farstriders. His second in command known. The necromancer known as  Blythe, was long ago brought to ruin as a result of his unsuccessful attempt to wipe out the Farstriders. Now he silently plots to rebel, having made a new type of Ghoul. These ghouls have little will of their own, and are easy to control, therefore being suitable as soldiers in Kor’deth’s army. Now, after the fifteen years, Kor’deth prepares to unleash his power and attempt to take the Farstrider's Enclave once more.

Meanwhile in the Ghostlands, in the reclaimed Farstrider Enclave, a special day has come for Alyndor and his fellow apprentices (Haeldryn the warlock’s apprentice, Alysia the rogue’s apprentice, Carends the Paladin’s Apprentice and Jenyl the Mage’s apprentice.), where they all become an apprentices or have to work in the local farms. Although Alyndor’s first choice was to try and join the Silver Hand, he becomes apprenticed to Eve’lyn of the Farstriders.

Alyndor is trained as a farstrider as he prepares for the annual Farstrider meeting called the Meet which is where his skills will be tested. During this time he becomes closer to  Eve’lyn and is given a horse named Dug, from an old horse trainer by the name of Old Bob.

Meanwhile Alyndor’s wardmate Haeldryn is in training as a warlock. His life is harsh and he is often bullied by other warlocks. During a local holiday Haeldryn and Alyndorl fight, increasing their hatred for each other. After this Alyndor and  Eve’lyn find signs of a boar that has been roaming the area. The two get a group of men that will take down the boar, once of which was Haeldryn. During the hunt it is discovered that there are two boars, one which runs straight to Haeldrynb efore being distracted by Alyndor saving Haeldryn's life, and charging at Alyndor before finally being killed by  Eve’lyn. This cements a friendship between Alyndor and Haeldryn and erases the lasting tension between the two. After the killing of the boar, Alyndor is visited by the apprentices bullying Haeldryn. They attack Alyndor before being stopped by  Eve’lyn and banished from the Farstrider Enclave, stopping the bullying against Haeldryn and making him closer with the Rangers. However it has now come time for  Eve’lyn and Haeldryn to go to the Farstrider meeting. Here Alyndorl meets  Eve’lyn's former apprentice, Geldor. During the v\gathering, the Rangers receive a report that the Makarl, vicious beast creatures under the control of Kor’deth, have come into the Ghostlands.

Eve’lyn, Alyndor and Geldor leave to track down the Kalkara.  Eve’lynthinks that the Kalkara are headed to the Farstrider’s enclave and tells Alyndor to go back to Tranquillen, get backup and meet back at the ruins. At Tranquillen, Magister Altreax, Sir Aurieslis, and several others head out to slay the Kalkara and to save  Eve’lyn and Geldor. Finding that  Eve’lyn is battling the Kalkara,  Magister Altreax and Sir Aurieslis manage to slay one, but are badly injured by the other. The last Makarl is killed by Alyndor with a flaming arrow that burns it because of its highly flammable fur. Back at the farstriders’ reclaimed Enclvave, Alyndor is considered a hero and receives his bronze pin which identifies him as a Farstrider Apprentice.

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