The Farstrider's Apprentice is the first novel in the Farstriders Apprentice series written by Sin'dorei Author Sym Brightarrow. It was first released in Silvermoon a decade ago. The Farstrider's Apprentice originally started as several short stories. Ten years later, he decided to turn them into The Farstrider's Apprentice, the first book in the Farstrider's Apprentice series.

Followed by Journey to Stratholme.

Plot summary Edit

Kor’deth, the exiled death knight who has taken over the bleak, barren city of Stratholme and  has been waiting fifteen years in his dark realm, carefully planning his revenge against the Farstriders. His second in command known. The necromancer known as  Blythe, was long ago brought to ruin as a result of his unsuccessful attempt to wipe out the Farstriders. Now he silently plots to rebel, having made a new type of Ghoul. These ghouls have little will of their own, and are easy to control, therefore being suitable as soldiers in Kor’deth’s army. Now, after the fifteen years, Kor’deth prepares to unleash his power and attempt to take the Farstrider's Enclave once more.