Overview Edit



office in central Dalaran
worldwide branches and field bases


Dr. Scamandius Fizzleburr

Council Members

Dr. Lisa McGibbon
Corbin Bronzekettle
Allilah Sungrazer
Dr. Thalador Hawkblaze



The DRCME is a Dalaran-based organization dedicated to preserving magical creatures throughout Azeroth and beyond. Made up of biologists, arcanologists, and zoologists of every specialty, the department has made a name for itself at the forefront of magical species preservation. 

At the forefront of the organization's goals are education, preservation, and research. The department has neutral political affiliations (ie, not Alliance or Horde) and does not advocate anything other than scholarly goals.  

Organization Edit

A council of five makes up the leadership of the DRCME. Dr. Scamandius Fizzleburr, a gnome with a background in ley line study, serves as the current president of the organization. Dr. Lisa McGibbon handles publication of the DRCME's monthly scientific journals, though she herself specializes in biochemical differences in extraplanetary species and spends much of her time in Zangarmarsh. Corbin Bronzekettle, a dwarf with a love for hippogryphs rather than gryphons, handles the budget. Allilah Sungrazer and Dr. Thalador Hawkblaze handle the rest of the operations, including public outreach and secretarial duties from the office in Dalaran.

The Journal Edit

The DRCME publishes a short, monthly journal with several scientific articles on different magical species. Entries have ranged from proto-drake genetic development to ley line preference in mana wyrms (a favorite of Dr. Fizzleburr) to basilisk and hydra taxonomy. All articles must be peer reviewed and mailed or otherwise teleported to the DRCME office located in central Dalaran for consideration.

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