Dawnveil Hinterlands
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Art by Isharton

Largest town



Thalassian (primary)

Noble Houses

House Dawnbrook




Beaches and bays

Economic status


Dawnveil is a small province located on the Northeast coast of Sunstrider Isle, or as the inhabitants refer to it, The Isle. An extensive mountain range separates it from the rest of The Isle, and entry can only be gained through a select few passes which are heavily monitored to ensure they remain open. Alternately, Dawnveil is easily accessed by sea, though larger vessels  anchor offshore as the province lacks a deepwater port. However, despite their isolation and limited trade options, the province is completely self sufficient; focusing on the exports of ores, gems and fresh seafood all of which are plentiful in the area. Tourism serves as a small but significant portion of the area's income, the pristine beaches and reefs some of the best in the whole of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Because of its small size and inaccessibility, the area is sparsely populated, possessing only one large central town. Small villages can be found dotted along the coast, and a few scattered settlements are present in the rolling inland forests. Though the soil is fertile and arable, most of the inhabitants of Dawnveil are heavily reliant on the ocean. The fringing reef that stretches along the north coast of the isle ensures bountiful harvests, and the residents have managed it well for millennia, keeping it healthy and unspoilt.

The Dawnbrook family line has owned the land for generations. Initially, during the founding of the Kingdom of Quel’thalas, it was deemed as a province of lesser importance. Without large swathes of farmland to offer and isolated location, it was considered fairly unattractive. Hence, without rivals of any sort the Dawnbrooks were allowed to rule without question. With the discovery of silver and gems beneath the surrounding mountains, the family philosophy of governing with an open hand paid off; earning them the loyalty of the local population.

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