The Dawnmeadow Canyon
DawnmeadowCanyon Isharton


South-East Quel'thalas


Hundreds ofSin'dorei


Novastorm Manor

Major Settlements

Waterlight Academy
The Pool of Clarity
Town of Lor'aten
World's Edge Village
Abbey of Bel'ore

Owned By

House Novastorm

The Dawnmeadow Canyon is the ancestral homeland of the Novastorm family and home of an intense training academy mainly for Paladins, Priests and Priestesses, and the occasional Warrior. Its settled in a deep canyon in the South-East mountains of Quel'thalas. Its most notorious trait is steep cliffs and slick, sharp rocks that make it dangerous to get around in. At the top of the canyon is a dense and rather unfriendly forest that surrounds the cliffs. The Novastorm have reigned in the Canyon since elves first came to Quel'thalas. They are a people of secrets, philosophy, and history.

Geography Edit

The Dawnmeadow Canyon is a ancient land that belongs to House Novastorm. The canyon is wider than any bridge can be made, miles deep, and surrounded by deeply unforgiving mountains and forest. It’s amazing anyone managed to survive in these lands at all with the tall black stone walls slick with ice and mist. Endless miles of gushing water and sharp stones are all that is to be found at the bottom of the canyon. Only the Novastorms seem to know the secret of how to get in and out and survive in such brutal territory. The Canyon, under the river, and inside the endless caverns are covered in runes that were said to have been carved by the sun itself that Anch’oriel shattered. These runes “choose” new Water Priests and are the life of the holy water the family covets.

Sun's Basin Edit

Surrounded by icy and unforgiving mountains the Sun’s Basin is a lake of unknown depth. It is said that thousands of years ago, when elves first came to the lands, there were two suns in the sky and a woman by the name Anch’oriel smashed the smallest of them into the earth. From this ground shaking event the Sun’s Basin was created, creating a giant well of fresh water that brought life to all of the Eastern Kingdoms. Anch’oriel fought in a war that paved the stone walls of the Canyon and her and her followers were named Novastorms. Kissed by the remnants of the sun they shattered into millions of pieces in the name of love and loyalty to the newly forming Quel’thalas. This huge lake of fresh water is said to be the mother of all streams in the Eastern Kingdoms.

World's Edge Falls Edit

These massive waterfalls head the Dawnmeadow Canyon and pour down into the Pool of Clarity. Thousands of gallons of water gush over the edges every day and the force of the water is known to crush bones. Novastorm’s are tested by the rushing water every day and they often leave even the life of Novastorm’s are left to the judgements of the falls. It is said that they have a life and voice of their own and that the roars of Anch’oriel and the first Novastorms can still be heard flowing from them.

Pool of Clarity Edit

The magical pool at the bottom of the waterfalls that the Novastorms seem to worship. It’s not known if there is even a bottom to this crushing pool and it is the height of taboo to even touch the sacred waters. The source of their Holy Water that the Mage Guard and the Water Priest’s covet for healing and battle it is also used for tests of honor, strength, and devotion. No matter the weather a ray of sun always breaks through to shine upon it. The pool seems to be the source of the runes that coat the canyon walls and only the High Priestess is said to know exactly what the bottom of the pool holds.

The Caves Edit

Deep inside the Dawnmeadow Canyon and along the tops of the waterfalls are caves. Endlessly they twist and turn underground with seemingly no end- it’s unknown if even the Novastorms have explored the extent of them. Some so small that a child can hardly fit in and other’s so large that an entire city has been fit inside of it. Only the acolytes of the Mage Guard Academy and the Novastorm family are able to traverse the depths of the caves. It is a well-known rumor that if an outside becomes lost inside they will never find their ways out and the Novastorms will leave them to go mad and die inside the caverns.

Ruins of the Capaill Usce Edit

It is said that Anch’oriel befriended a race of magical beasts during her war. The magical Capail Usce (also known as Kelpies) that lived in the ruins of an ancient kingdom. Inspired by their ferocity and deeply respectful of these deadly steeds Anch’oriel’s lover and right hand Ladania struck a deal, being the first High Priestess of the Water Priests to ride these beasts into battle. These waters and the fog covered swamp they reside in are haunted by these man eaters. They are never tamed and only the Water Priest’s seem to know how to befriend them.

Towns and Buildings Edit

The Novastorm’s have few towns and structures. Those standing were made mostly of necessity for trade and the arrival of outsiders. The family is incredibly secretive and it is a rare, sparse allowed outsiders that are allowed down into the depths of the caves and where the city they hold inside are located. It’s unknown how many Novastorms there really are and how many students attend the prestigious academy.

Waterlight Academy Edit

The Novastorms are said to be some of the strongest Mage Guard of Quel’thalas and their prowess on the battlefield in well known. Where they lack in resources to trade they make up for in the prestigious private academy they covet. Many families are known to send their children with the promise of the Light to be fostered at this academy and be turned out as powerful soldiers. The crown jewel of the Novastorms is the power of their soldiers and the violent extent of their militant forces. The academy teaches loyalty, devotion, and justice above all else and that any oath given should never go unbroken. The paladins who attend are taught the rare skill of using the power of the Sun and Light to cast barriers against spells and techniques to silence casters. There are many different classes of Mage Guard and it’s typical that a graduate has a specialty in what they defend against. Be it Fel, Nature, Astral, Arcane, or otherwise. Many soldiers of the academy go on to be the elite forces of Silvermoon, to the coasts of their allies and religious founders the Ashveils, and their bordering allies the Sunwalkers.

The academy is housed in the largest cave inside the depths of the Canyon and is near impenetrable. Students of the academy learn to find their ways through the endless caves as a graduating test.

Abbey of Bel'ore Edit

The religion of the Sun and Water is a secretive sect. Religion was for a long time an flamboyancy amongst the Novastorms but a mere hundred or two years after they settled into the Canyon the Ashveils came to them in search for their elite soldiers and guardians. With them they brought the stability of religion and it was then that the Novastorms began their worship of the sun and the powers over the water they were so blessed with. Infused with the rays of the Sun they began to teach those chosen by the runes of the canyon to tattoo themselves and use the healing properties to enhance their own abilities. The Sun Water Priests are sworn to never lift weapons, even in defense of themselves, and devote their lives to their secretive ways of healing. The abbey is huge and carved by Ladania herself into the side of the canyon overlooking the Pool of Clarity. The water of the canyon runs through the building and the Novastorms often attend prayers.

The Novastorm Manor Edit

The ancestral home carved by Anch’oriel into the mountain. The direct descendants of the woman live inside, known as the “noble” blood of the Novastorm family. Once buzzing with life and bright it is now surrounded by high walls and all who are left to live inside of the cold building are the Matriarch Olleria Novastorm, her two children, and her elder brother Aleric.

Bridge of Life Edit

The only bridge in the entire canyon that closes the gap between each side of the banks at the bottom of the canyon. Said to have been built by Anch’oriel when she was separated from her lover Ladania so they could continue their love affair it’s now the most popular spot in the canyon for lovers to meet up. During rituals and festivals many of the family also stand on the bridge to overlook the Pool of Clarity while the priests and priestess work their magic.

Storm's Watch and Solarity Keep Edit

Built by Anch’oriel and her first army thousands of years ago these two massive keeps hang precariously out over the canyon and span all the way down to the bottom. It houses hundreds of Novastorm soldiers and are the first defense of the Canyon and the southern protection of the Sunwalker lands. The standing army stays in these keeps, ready to swarm out like a hive of furious bees when threatened.

Dawnstone Tower Edit

An ancient tower built high into the air when the Ashveils first came to the lands. It is used as a point of access down into the canyon and a monument of passed Novastorms. The names of every soldier and family member carved into the walls inside. It is full of flowers and other offerings to the dead. Haunted and protected by the banshees of the Canyon, the spirits of dead and past soldiers who are to forever protect the walls of the Canyon.

World's Edge Village Edit

The only known point of access at the top of the Canyon. A small trade village and where the entrance down into the canyon is protected. The caves start at the top, protected by soldiers, and twist down to the bottom. Trusted mules are used to carry baskets full of supplies down through the caves and along the edges of the canyon to the city below. Heavier objects and amusingly, sometimes people too afraid to traverse the caves, are carefully lifted up and down by baskets that run straight down on thick cords. Full mostly of guards and outsiders wishing to stay close to their children attending to the academy it’s more a seasonal village. The buildings run up and down the sparse village on either side of the man-made entrance to the Sun’s Basin. They commonly trade fish and fresh water to outsiders.

Town of Lor'aten Edit

The town built exactly on the border between the Sunwalker and Novastorm lands. These sibling families have been friends since setting foot on the lands of Quel’thalas and their mutual support of each other has kept them alive for thousands of years. Anch’oriel and the Sunwalker founder striking a friendship that would run deeper than blood, stone, water, and the cosmos itself and making a bond that would continue on till today. The noble bloods of each family have always inter married or at the very least been extremely close- a tradition that has continued on till even the Heirs of today Velianor Novastorm and Acreles Sunwalker. This village was sprung up as a sign of good faith and to continue on the friendship and love the families hold for each other. Sunwalkers and Novastorms alike live in this village, co-mingling and trading goods and offering each other wisdom. It is the point most often met where the festivals the families share take place and where the nobles often meet monthly to discuss matters of state and protection.

Sunfury Fields Edit

The Novastorm’s large but only plot of agricultural land, given graciously many years ago by the Sunwalkers to help support themselves agriculturally in case of any emergency. The small town populated mainly by kindly people of the Sunwalkers and sparse Novastorms. Heavily protected and hard to reach by the surrounding forests.

Notable 'Exports' Edit

Water Priests Edit

The Water Priests are Paladins who have taken Oath's to heal and support their allies. Powerful Empaths they have taken vows to never harm any living being. They are philosophers and historians who keep the secrets of Quel'thalas' ancient lines. They are blessed of the Canyon itself, chosen by the runes that coat the walls to become healers and priests of the Sun. The water they keep at their sides are from the Pool of Clarity- Holy Water that is infused with the energy of the Sun and enhances their innate ability.

Mage Guard Edit

The Waterlight Academy trains both their own family and those families wishing to spend enough coin. They train elite Mage Guard who specialize in using the power of the Sun to silence enemies and guard from magical attack. They are trained to be specialized in different areas of magic like Void, Fel, Nature, and Arcane for just an example. Any family should consider themselves lucky to have the numbered strength of a Novastorm Mage Guard.

Church of the Sun Edit

Hosted in the Abbey of Bel'ore the Novastorm is a family of, first and foremost, Light and Sun users. They believe in the glory and life that the Sun brings and the ancient family duty to defend the innocent and defeat the unjust. Many who attend Waterlight Academy also receive tutelage from the Church and the High Priestess who reigns inside it.

Gallery Edit

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