The Darkest Night is the third book in The Farstrider's Apprentice series. It was preceded by Journey to Stratholme and followed by The Icebound Magister. Written by Farstrider Sym Brightarrow the book was well-received, with critics praising the characters. It's popularity resulted in the spin-off novel The Rogue's Apprentice.

Synopsis Edit

The Darkest Night begins with Alyndor, Haeldryn, and Alysia entering the city of Straholme where Amadaeus is being held. In the desloate city filled with souls of the dammed, ghouls, and cultists Alyndor, Haeldryn, and Alysia must use every tick, every bit of their strength, and everything they possess to survive- and to rescues Amadaeus before he's sacrificed... and resurrected as Kor'deth's newest champion.

Characters Edit

  • Alyndor : The Farstrider's Apprentice. While he's quickly becoming an accomplished apprentice Alyndor has much to learn.
  • Haeldryn : Warlock Apprentice, helping Alyndor while his Master is away. His Voidwalker is named 'Mezzak'.
  • Eve'lyn : The Farstrider and second in Command to the Ranger General.
  • Alysia :Alysia is the apprentice of Amadaeus 'rock me' Shadowcraft. She's shown a true talent for the shadows and the art of subtlety.
  • Amadaeus 'Rock me' Shadowcraft : Alysia's Rogue master. A true master of subtlety and a master with daggers.
  • Alredn Bitterstar- Haeldryn's Warlock Master. Alredn is highly regarded as one of the best warlocks in Azeroth. Snarky, clever, and utterly merciless to those who would seek to harm Quel'thalas
  • Kor'deth : Evil Undead who's plotting to destroy the Farstriders. Kor'deth was once a Quel'dorei mage but was killed when he attempted to murder the Ranger General and was ressurected as Kor'deth.
  • Ghouls : Undead working under Kor'deth
  • Necromancer Reln Darkwhisper : A necormancer working beneath Kor'deth.

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