The Cursed Revenge
"We sail with the purpose to condemn our enemies and seek our glory." — C.R.



Previous Name:

H.M.S. Sapphire




132-Gun Flagship Galleon


Length: 250ft
Keel 100ft
Height: 200ft
Beam: 45 ft
Draught: 20ft
Propulsion: Sail/Wind 1,800m²


9 knots max (15 km/h)
6 knots cruising (11 km/h)


60 Broadside cannons
30 24-pounder long guns

15 12-pounder chase guns

10 68-pounder cannonades
5 12-pounder chase guns
37 varying calibre


Crew and Officers: 300
Passengers: 600


Helvain (prev.) 'Black Jack' (curr.)

The Cursed Revenge is a massive multi-deck war Galleon originally owned and used by the Stormwind Navy.  It was seized and captured by pirates led by Captain "Black Jack". The vessel once served as the base for those who worked under its Captain.

Origins and General InformationEdit

Originally named the HMS Sapphire, it was a vessel of impressive stature and power used as a personal flagship in the Stormwind's Naval Forces. Designed with the purpose to transport tangible goods, important figureheads, and rare artifacts and treasure by His Majesty, the ship was a massive construction armored to teeth to weather marauders while delivering a packing punch to any that dared try. It was later used as a flagship vessel to Admiral Nelson of the Stormwind Naval Forces.

Damage Recieved and ReconstructionEdit

The Cursed Revenge has received numerous construction, upgrades, and repairs. The ship receives a massive overhaul once every 100 years to keep up with the demands of long voyages, updating armor, replacing old wood, and adding weaponry. The ship suffered massive damage during the era of Cataclysm. A wave



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