Bleeding Ziggurat




Cult of the Bleeding Eye




Amani Trolls(Previously)
Bearheart Tribe(Previously)
Whitherlimb Tribe(Previously)
Ghostflayer Tribe(Previously)
Cult of the Bleeding Eye(Currently)



The Bleeding Ziggurat, previously known as Ankok Zul, was once the capital to the Amani province of Zul’Gamni. It is a massive multi-tiered structure of hundreds of small temples and palaces. The entire complex is built into tall amani mountains and there thousands of tunnels and buildings built into the mountainside. Thousands of amani trolls from half a hundred different tribes lived within the complex halls, all of them were coordinated and ruled by a High Priests which and a council of chieftains.

During the Invasion of Zul'Aman, the Zandalari Tribe banded together all the remaining tribes of Zul'Gamni into a massive warhost to combat the incursion of sin'dorei. There most fought and died on the palace steps of the temple. At the end of the battle, a large necropolis of the Cult of the Bleeding Eye appeared over the vast armies of the dead and raised thousands of dead trolls and elves into undeath. After that point, the Ziggurat earned its dreaded name as the Bleeding Ziggurat. It is now a bastion of undeath commanded by a council of necromancers. Their current intentions are unknown.

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