Ivory-white bookcases tower high above occupants.

The Archives have been in the possession of House Sunfire for generations. Ever since the founding of Quel'thalas, members of the house have collected all manner of texts and artifacts. While most pertain to the various schools of magic, volumes of every subject can be found within its shelves. This wealth of knowledge attracts scholars from all walks of life. With few like it so easily accessible to neutral powers and Horde alike, these seekers of knowledge are often willing to pay any price for entry.

The Sunfires' prized Archives are contained within a massive, elliptical building. It towers high above even the Sunfire's manor. The walls are constructed out of strong marble, lined with delicate vines of crimson and gold. These designs are for more than decoration alone, however. Every inch radiates with arcane energy, making up powerful wards to protect its contents.

Inside, visitors are greeted by an immense room. Marble busts with gold eyes sit against the walls, each one bearing the likeness of House Sunfire's past and current patriarchs. Its ceiling lies so far above guests that a pair of small houses could sit inside, and have room to spare. Matching the height of their chamber, ivory-white bookcases tower high above occupants; taller than any ladder could hope to safely reach. Small, ornate platforms are used to access the upper shelves. They glide between bookcases as if guided by an unseen mind. What astounds most guests is that there are two more rooms just like it sitting above them.

However, what even fewer individuals have had the opportunity to see are the quarantine vaults below. Aside from those who have managed to buy access, only Cynel Sunfire and his stewardess are firmly aware of the entrance to this basement section. Its halls stretch deep underground and are lined with various vaults. Each one is warded against numerous schools of magic, both inside and out. Kept within them are various artifacts, so powerful that they are deemed unsafe for public examination.

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