Thanidiel Highdawn








168 lbs

Place of Birth

Southern Quel'Thalas


Terror of Zeb'Alor


Blood Knight


The Kingdom of Quel'thalas
  • Thalassian Army (formerly)
The Blood Knight Order
  • 3rd Calvary Regiment (formerly)
    • Fang Battalion (formerly)
The Sunguard

The New Horde
The Dominion of The Sun (formerly)
The Knights of The Silver Hand (formerly)
The Grand Alliance (formerly)


Varric Highdawn (Father, deceased)
Celeverial Highdawn (Mother)
Xelenias Xan'thos (Biological Father)
Cayvia Rosevale (Partner, deceased)
Venelas Sunblade (Partner, deceased)


Lawful Neutral

Thanidiel Highdawn is a Knight-Champion of the Blood Knight Order and Oathsworn of the Sunguard under the rank of Emberward. The Champion is well-known for her vicious brutality in combat, tempered and refined by a surprisingly calculating nature. Her utmost devotion is held to the Thalassian State above all and no person nor ideals is capable of shaking her resolve to perform her duties for Quel'thalas.

Appearance Edit

Thanidiel's visage is a fierce one, a cold frost hardens her eye and lips and a lifetime of scowls have deepened her brow into furrow. This natural look of aggression is made no better by the fact that she is missing her right eye entirely. When not graciously covered in a patch of dark leather, the old wound is angry -- the way the flesh has grown is reminiscent of twisted, gnarled wood with a slit hinting at the empty socket underneath the overgrown scarring. Two wild diagonal slashes, puffy and red, etch out in this mass that hint at the clumsiness of the user that took out her organ. The other eye is alight in a fel-glow intense even by the standards of the Sin'dorei.

Below her right cheek is a fiery, vibrant sun that paints itself across right-cheek. Flames twisted with shades of summer and crimson lick at their bare surroundings. Within the center, and with the most loving detail, rests the icon of the Sin'dorei. On her left shoulder is the insignia of the Blood Knight Order in the darkest of crimsons.

Strength is apparent in this elf's form; something bred and nurtured over decades. Her frame is broad, the bones thickened and developed by the demands that heavy armour, weaponry and other equipment necessary to the soldier exerts on the back, shoulders, hip. A fair amount of muscle and fat build themselves on top of this sturdy structure, pointing towards a good life of exercise and readily-available grain and meat. And, so too, does her skin build evidence towards a longterm soldier in her prime -- though not unmarred by scar tissues, it shines with a healthy, golden, pallour.

Surety and confidence thunders through her body-language. Years of drilling has instilled perfection in straightened, squared shoulderblades and proper march. At rest, still, she carries herself with an air of strong nerve; her head is one that always remains held high, inclined briefly only towards addressal, and her presence is one that is extended with an overbearing quality -- either you move or she moves over you.

Her hair of platinum-blonde is almost always hastily combed and twisted into a bun, the only loose locks of hair being the front of her hair, swept to the right. On the rarest of occasions when the whole mass is left down, it is curled and wild from the hours upon hours of containment.

Early Life Edit

Summer, in the mountainous frontier of Quel'thalas, Thanidiel was born to the union of Varric, a career soldier in the Thalassian Army, and Celeverial Highdawn, a camp-follower who often provided laundering and tailoring services to Varric's unit.

True to the nomadic lifestyle of military families, Thanidiel's early life was one that never truly settled. Varric and his men often migrated under military command to reinforce or establish outpost, to combat the presence of bands of trolls or outlaws throughout the year. In the winter months, where Quel'thalas' glamour of eternal spring failed to reach its southern lands, they would move north to camp in the outskirts of Silvermoon and briefly reintegrate with civilisation. And as ice thawed from the rock of the mountains, new orders would lure them out into the frontier once more.

With no true permanency in her life outside of the blood-bonds of soldiers, Thanidiel was known well for a gregarious, charmful nature as a child, associating well with the comrades of her father, coaxing sweetmeats from friendly women in passing villages, and making the most of brief friendships when the rare encounter with other young Quel'dorei would occur. And as befitting a child of backcountry, a penchant for routine and hard work was expressed. Along with that, a budding talent in fighting when time came for her to learn the motions of self-defense.

Ironically, in spite of her adventurous upbringing, by her fifteenth summer Thanidiel was struck by an intense wanderlust, having been attached to the same individuals by the hip for the entirety of her life. With little to her name than of sturdy tunic, a cloak of lynxhide and a trustworthy hand-and-a-half sword, Thanidiel broke one winter morning from the campgrounds of Varric's platoon to enlist herself into the Army.

There, Thanidiel was immediately offered bed and ration, and quickly placed into basic training. A radical difference from her experiences on the frontier, Thanidiel learned quickly of this new culture of rank-and-file, to fight as a united host than as a wild militia. In this year of training, Thanidiel picked up a habit that remains constant to this day; a religious logging of her daily activities. At first, meant to be used to provide ample enough body to the letters demanded of her from mother, father and others of her previous life, and now a comfort derived from routine and organisation.

Her service following basic-training involved little action for some years. The organised battalions of Quel'thalas' more northern operations were used for little than as displays of intimidation; to loom over the townships of minor elven nobility when tax was less than imposed or when dispute led to the raising of private armies. When steady work came to her unit, it was usually in the form of building stone-roads from settlement to settlement. It took less than two years for the soldier to grow weary of the haughty, idyllic ways of the North and she latched greedily onto the opportunity to return to the excitement of the southern lands where the troll threat was ever-present, in the form of a call for new volunteers to assist Ranger-Captain Goldentree in the establishment of a new settlement, Oakbough.

A mixed force of Farstriders, infantry and civilians established themselves close to river where this town of 'Oakbough' would someday rise. Thanidiel, with her experience of the region and the logistical handling she picked up from the structures of larger military forces, was quickly assigned a fireteam and promoted to the rank of Corporal under Goldentree's command. Dutifully, they would range the lands surrounding Oakbough, warding away the trollish threat from nearby Zeb'Alor, bringing back the carcasses of dangerous beasts such as wild boars, assisting the populace in the gathering of food, lumber, et cetera.

Oakbough, in the first couple years of its inception, grew little with the exception of a family of elves from the region who sought protection behind its wooden stakes. The danger of Zeb'Alor proved to be a strong inconvenience to Oakbough and a strong source of contention between the Corporal and her superior -- the youth would mock him frequently for his choice of location for his future town to others and the two would argue fiercely at many councils over the situation of the troll threat. Thanidiel would advocate assaulting the settlement and sending the trolls scattered to the four winds, and the Ranger-Captain would refuse the risk of leaving Oakbough defenseless.

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