Tassandria Dor'wynn
Tassandria sm
Art by Blencem






Overroot, the Murkcrest Isles

Noble House(s)

House of Dor'wynn


The Sunguard

House Dor'wynn


Taehanna Dor’wynn (Mother)

Corellus (Father, No Surname)

Hadrya Dor'wynn

Halya Dor'wynn

Orella Dor'wynn

Velayn Dor'wynn ( Daughter )

Naerhis Dor'wynn (Son, Deceased)

Puckish to an immediate and often disastrous fault, Tassandria Dor'wynn hardly fits the framework for a conventional lady - or soldier, for that matter. Graced with a silver tongue that is ever eager to offer lies, the Lady is never forthcoming on any particular political stance, nor does she offer freely any information about her aims or those of her ever insular family.

Appearance Edit

The vicious scars that split her face asunder can't change the fact that she never had a traditionally lovely face. Though pale skinned, her features border on too sharp and obliquely foreign, and the tilt of her ears along her head hint at kinship closer with the kaldorei than might make most comfortable. Standing at a healthy six feet, Tassandria boasts a healthy curvature to her form, and lean muscles through her arms and legs. There is grace inherent in the way she holds herself, ever light on her feet and feline in her movement, her affinity for the natural world is clear ever without the wealth of fur and leather trappings she usually dons.

Her hair, often unbound, is a wild bush of auburn, swept back from her face and braided along the temples in a fashion she professes to hold significant meaning to her culture - though, that what meaning is changes by week and person.

Personality Edit

Of all the Pathfinders that seem to find sass a necessary component to their daily functions, Tassandria keeps her crown as 'Sassy Scar Mama' proudly poised on her head. Thankfully, her centuries have offered her wisdom enough in professional settings to keep her tongue tucked tightly between her teeth, and the bite of sarcasm caged away. Self perseverance, after all, outweighs all. Though she may mind her twisted tongue, her sense of humor always veers on the side of crassness, and has way of slipping into her speech, for the sake of shocked response more than carelessness.

History Edit

Hailing from a family whose name has fallen out the the common political vernacular has its ups and downs. Tassandria was born and raised on the Murkcrest Isles, a series of rainy, rocky isles off the coast of the Emberlight that serves as the ruling seat for the House of Dor'wynn; her blood family. Out of all of her - dwindling - family, she is most in sync with the happenings of the world outside of her island home, though her unfamiliarity with customs is often clear in her clinical - or wildly prejudiced - opinions.

Though she came to The Sunguard presenting herself as a Ranger, in the wake of the war there are whispers that the woman has been seen shedding her skin for forms more feral in the woods of Eversong. What truth may be behind such murmurings is unclear, and Tassandria herself promotes and denies such rumors by turns.

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