Sym Brightarrow is a Farstrider stationed on the borders of Quel'thalas. A author of a number of books for young adults for over a hundred years Farstrider Brightarrow's name is well-known in literary circles.

Appearance Edit

Farstrider Brightarrow wears garb typical of a Farstrider- green and brown leathers with the tabard worn over them. His bow is made from simple wood and heavily enchanted to withstand significant stress. Long purple hair is often kept in a tight braid. Farstrider Brightarrow often wears a helm that covers his face when working.

Personal Life Edit

Most well known among Sin'dorei for the young adult novels he writes (Farstrider's apprentice, Rogue's Apprentice, Bump in the Evening, Ghoulbumps.) Little, if anything, is known about his personal life.

Books Edit

The Farstrider's Apprentice Series:

  • The Farstrider's Apprentice (Book [1])
  • Journey to Straholme (Book [2])
  • The Darkest Night (Book [3])
  • The Icebound Magister (Book [4])
  • Arcane Beareers (Book [5])
  • The Warlock's Bane (Book [6])
  • Shadows of Zul'aman (Book [7])
  • The Return Home to Quel'thalas (Book [8])
  • The Farstrider (Book [9])

Q&A Edit

Q: You're most well-known for your young adult novels' The Farstrider's apprentice', how long have you been writing?
A. "Oh, for a very long time. I started to write to get my son interested into reading and after, oh, a century and some change, a friend convinced me to put together what I'd wrote- and I've been writing ever since."

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