Symmathan Brightarrow, better known as Sym Brightarrow, is a Farstrider stationed on the borders of Quel'thalas. A author of a number of books and an accomplished Farstrider,

Symmathan Brightarrow Edit

Symmathan Brightarrow is a man who is the epitome of a Farstrider's selfless dedication to Quel'thalas. Skilled in the use of a bow with excellent stealth and survival skills. He's bragged about being able to put an arrow through a leaf at 500 paces without breaking a sweat.

He loves Quel'thalas and her forests and has spent the majority, if not near entirety, of his life to defending it. Most noteably he has written several novels, most of which get him no small amount of mockery among his fellow Farstriders. Though Symm himself does not seem to be bothered by it.

He has often referred to Quel'thalas as 'a harsh, demanding, and sometimes cruel mistress but one I cannot leave for long'. He has no known family members. When he's in Silvermoon he's fond of staying near the Court of the Sun.

Always having an animal companoin he's bonded to, Sym loves his lynx. The lynx is more spoiled than Sym is willing to admit, with the Farstrider willing to let anything the grumpy animal does slide. Most times.

Appearance Edit

Sym is a tall elf with hair that's an odd shade of purple that has lead some to speculate night elven parentage or grandparents. His wine colored hair is waist length, often braided to keep it out of his face. He bears a number of scars, keeping them hidden under his clothing.

Hardboiled leather and chainmail make up his armor, dull and forest colored so he blends in. The very very small few that get close to him know he keeps a magical orb to hide his true appearance beneath. A purple cloak is always on the man- clearly made for someone of nobility. It's well taken care of, more so than everything else he wears. One can only wonder where it came from.

Personality Edit

Cheerful, gregarious, and well learned are words that describe him best when he is 'off the clock' and among friends. He does not enjoy conflict and is welcoming of new faces and a night at the bar. Reliable and loyal, he enjoys the relative quiet in Silvermoon wherever he can find it, though he's fond of being surrounded by nature.

When he's on duty he's ruthless, efficient and does whatever is needed for Quel'thalas. Few of his friends and lovers get to see the Farstrider when the state calls. During such times as the Symphony of Silvermoon, however, he's proven that he's willing to do whatever Quel'thalas asks of him without hesitation.

Books Edit

Sym has also written several adult romance novels ranging from typical romance to erotica and fiction.

Romance Novels: