Sunshatter Ardent




Druids, Monks, Paladins
Priests, Shamans.



"Doing no harm will suffice when no harm is dealt to you. When you are staring down the malice of your foe, Taking a life could spare hundreds." ~ High Advocator Isilos Sunshatter

This was the mindset of the Sunshatter Ardent. Choosing to take the field by storm to stop the wounds at its true source these menders strike out at their enemy while blending their holy magics to restore those at their side.

Bearing heavy armor of shining gold plate the Ardent march as combat medics keeping in line with the front. Equipped with enchanted weaponry these soldiers engage the enemy in martial combat rather then support those that have fallen.

This has led many to believe that the Sunshatter Ardent have a ruthless mindset, however at the core is the strict belief of causality and the strength of holy magic to purge their targets.

Origin Edit

Born in the heart of Goldsea and founded by House Sunshatter the Ardent were originally the steward guards of the family. Protected under the banners of House of Truefeather no standing army was needed. However to protect the rich harvest of grains for the sake of the land clerics devout in their belief were trained to serve as the vanguard.

Due to their small size they decided to build a council. These leading members of the the Ardent determined when it would be best for the for their forces to act. Called upon to defend the borders and the Palace of Goldsea they quickly became venerated figure heads and earned the distinction of the land.

With the fall of Quel'thals in the third war and the aftermath that ravage the Sin'dorei many of those that lived in the Goldsea turned away from their Sun worship and adopted the more immediate relief of Fel. After some time and the hunger sated the ravages of Fel began to plague the land, consumed and corrupt the people of Goldsea begin to act out and attack those that clung to their old ways.

Isilos urged the council to push the people back to the Sun viewing this outburst as a just time to deploy the Ardent's and enforce order. Falling on deaf ears he took it upon himself. Learning that the council themselves were corrupted by Fel Isilos proceeded to execute the council and place himself as the High Advocator and sole member leader of the Ardent.

With their forces spread thin and ravaged the Soldiers of Goldsea have opened their arms to the surrounding Dawnspire in hopes of not only expanding their practice but to finish rooting out Fel in Goldsea.

Notable Sunshatter Ardent amoung the Sunguard Edit

Lord Isilos Sunshatter

Lady Lirelle Dawnbrook

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