The Dawnspire


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House of Dawnsworn
House of Truefeather
Kingdom of Quel'thalas

Summerglen lays like a well-loved toy, steeped in sun-dappled vales in the northern reaches of the Dawnspire, between the Dawnspire Citadel and the Evergrove. Age has treated the village roughly, left it's wooden houses weathered and it's cobbled streets off-kilter, wood fences fallen and gone grey, but it is by no means ramshackle of ragged beyond repair. Rather, the village seems wrapped in effervescent idyll - nostalgic, like a childhood dream. There is no clear start or end to the village; the flora of the forest bleeds seamlessly into the town, tamed and untamed in parts. For as many pots and planters that bear the burden of bursting blossoms, there are houses wrapped in wild ivy and blooms untended by elvish hands.

With opulence gleaned from the Evergrove's aesthetic, the high seat of Hallowhearth sits apart from the village in local and look alike. Set on a high hill, it's stained glass windows - sundered and shattered by untended ages - stare down on the village center, overlooking the life that teems and traipses from shop to shop. Boasting both overgrown gardens and fountains long run dry, the high seat of Summerglen is best known for the vast graveyard that hugs the estate. All the dead of Summerglen - commoner, soldier, low-tier noble alike - are laid to rest in the hallowed earth astride the estate, and it is the duty of whomever holds Hallowhearth's key to assure the upkeep and continued peace of those who have laid their bodies down to feed the forest.

Though the village itself lays in the greedy grips of lush groves, the province reaches past the sun-strewn woods into sweeping fields of flowers; their main form of commerce. Fresh herbs and flowers are farmed in Summerglen - Peacebloom chief among them, but a healthy crop of Bloodthistle and Silverleaf are also harvested in Summer's Bounty, the fields that edge the area - all meant for medicinal use and sent to the Dawnspire to supply the Sunguard's vast infirmary.

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