Lightward Solyaris Ashveil
Art by DancinFox.





Place of Birth

Silvermoon City


Emberward of the Sunguard
Lady (by courtesy)
Keeper of Mysteries




The Kingdom of Quel'thalas
The New Horde


Light-worshipping, through the lens of a localized sun cult


Casmus Ashveil (deceased)—father
Kereneia Vespersong (deceased)—mother
Alairin Ashveil—half-sister
Various other half-siblings, deceased or Wretched


Lawful Neutral

Solyaris Ashveil is a Blood Elven battlemage and member of The Sunguard. She was born in Silvermoon City and resides there, remaining active in the scholarly community of the Sunfury Spire and with the Court of the Sun. Solyaris was born out of wedlock, but was acknowledged by her noble father on his deathbed, along with her many half-siblings.


Solyaris is a few inches taller than is average for a sin'dorei woman, and unexpectedly muscular for a Magistrix, a feature betrayed in broad shoulders and strong limbs. Her eyes are a brilliant green, and incisive. There is a beauty mark high upon her left cheek, highlighting the sharp angularity of her bone structure. Her mouth is softer, salvaging her face from harshness, and often highlighted with carmine gloss to draw the eye. Her hair is white-blonde, and hangs to her waistline, though she usually keeps it in a tightly braided queue. She wears a pair of gold earrings in each ear, high upon their taper.

Her sense of fashion is somewhat changeable off-duty, but on the battlefield she is a recognizable figure: she wears a coronet of gilded spikes, which add to her height, and white robes reinforced with leather panels and trimmed in gold. Simultaneously, she is anonymized: the upper half of her face is hidden by a gilded mask that makes her implacable, her shrewd eyes peering out as though from depths. In such times she carries both spellblade and staff, crowned with honey-gold crystals.


Although she may be slow to inject herself into a conversation, Solyaris' participation can be described as a torrent of words. Solyaris takes a great deal of pride in her education, which is obvious almost any time she opens her mouth. Erudite and well-mannered, her speech is peppered with jargon gleaned from a variety of sources, as though her desire for knowledge is so omnivorous as to be indiscriminate. She retains, for all of that, a disarming humility, her knowledge most often bent to the aid of others, even in prosaic fashion.

Solyaris is devoutly adherent to the Light as she understands it, which is through a somewhat more martial lens than most. Indeed, her viewpoint might be most akin to the first wave of Blood Knight initiates: those ex-priests who believed the Light had scorned the elves and vowed to take it as their tool of vengeance. It may be simple posturing on her part, another component to the forceful image she conjures with golden mask as much as any words of power, but when the mask is laid aside, this part of her remains.

She is driven, as though by some unseen goad, and if her course seems at times erratic, that she remains in motion seems satisfying to her. One may chart her ascendence as a Magistrix, and draw the conclusion that she is ambitious, but this is only one part of a chameleonic whole, and elides other avenues by which she may pursue her agenda. No more arrogant off-duty than on, she nevertheless makes it her aim to see and be seen.

Combat Tactics and Magical BackgroundEdit

Solyaris was born to a mage of the Sunfury Spire, and the manifestation of her magical talent came as a surprise to no one. She did not become her mother's apprentice, but was trained instead in an academy within the city. Although this arrangement was less prestigious than arranging an apprenticeship would have been, her broader experiences gave her a solid foundation from which to draw later in life. This proved fortuitous: Solyaris' mother could never have trained a battlemage, least of all one that embodied the peculiarities of the Greater Veil.

Solyaris' particular focus is on calling holy energy through arcane means. To the untrained eye, the difference between such a source and more pedestrian conjured flame is not obvious. Nevertheless, she insists on the distinction, which adds somewhat to her bombastic image.


Will require some expounding on the Ashveil Mysteries.

Early Life Edit

Solyaris was born to Kereneia Vespersong, a renowned Magistrix of the Sunfury Spire, and Casmus Ashveil. An illegitimate child, she would take her mother's name even as Kereneia was disowned for insisting on raising the young child herself.

Casmus would care for both his lover and child financially, if not at court. Solyaris herself is named after one of her Ashveil ancestors, Solaron Ashveil, and enrolled under her father's name and coin into the Thalassian Academy of Applied Magisterial Arts as soon as she revealed her magical affinities. While far from the most prestigious option to a mage of Solyaris' potential, the Academy was still highly regarded and would hone her skills with the arcane to excellence.

From adolescence onward Solyaris would summer at the Greater Veil, where she would thrive in its culture and convert into the Ashveil mysteries. While her relationship with her father would remain cordial, Lady Ashveil would object to Casmus' illegitimate get visiting the Veil and would prevent further fraternizing with her half-siblings.

Induction Into the Ashveil Mysteries Edit

After sufficient summers spent at the Greater Veil, Casmus would arrange for Solyaris to be inducted into the Ashveil Mysteries at the summer solstice under him as a Keeper. She would agree, then subsequently receive a vision during the trials of initiation; this would grant her the offer to remain at Perihelion for the rest of the summer and consider taking the Keeper's path.

It is as an inductee that Solyaris would become closer to her half-siblings, notably Hammeth Ashveil. Another initiate pursuing the path of a Keeper, the youngest son of Casmus Ashveil would foster a close friendship with Solyaris.

Additionally, her father would task her with adjudicating court cases of high regard, most regarding the Redemptor fleet of Perihelion and its church-sanctioned piracy as part of her training as a Keeper.

While in Perihelion, Solyaris would be drawn to the literary and lyrical arts, focusing on the work of Aphelion Emberquill (a Poet Laureate of the Greater Veil). She would enjoy some success as a writer and literary critic due to these interests; much to Kereneia's pleasure, her writing acumen coupled with the courtly training the once-Lady Vespersong imparted would grant Solyaris several favors and honors at court in time, notably several research projects and dalliances of political import.

Second and Third Wars Edit

Out of her estival duties in the Greater Veil, Solyaris would train as a courtier and battlemage under her mother Kereneia's tutelage and inspired by her ancestor Hasieh Ashveil. She would graduate with full honors and be acknowledged as a reservist battle-mage by her first centennial.

While well-known and involved with court, Solyaris was never formally presented due to her illegitimacy. Nonetheless, much of her research is funded by her political acumen, and her wit only accentuated by her magical expertise, specializing in the blending of solar divine-arcane energies and portalwork. The former would be published as an academic essay under the name of Solyaris Vespersong detailing the use of sacred flame as a battlemage.

Before the Second War, she was the lover of Amodrel Nightbringer, one of her civilian patrons and a fellow alum of Sunsplendor Academy. He would fear and reject her for choosing the path of battle even if Solyaris was a back-line actress. During and after the Second War, her specialties with magic suited for civilian use and the surfeit of surviving mages would lead her away from courtly dalliances and into reparation efforts centered in the Greater Veil and its artistic arcane stonework.

Part of her efforts went to repairing the Keepers' fleet of Redemptors. She would take one of her own- Pontialas Redcloud, pirate- who would die during the trial of the tholos. She adjudicates no more Redemptors of her own, although the fleet flourished as much as any structure in Perihelion and the Greater Veil.

There is a fraught and intermittent relationship with fellow poet Anachiel Dawnwing between both wars and any lovers of either woman. Several breaks would happen over the demands on their time, either from literature or battle and reparations. This relationship fades completely, if in amicable terms, after the Third War with both partners still alive.

During the Third War Solyaris incurs heavy losses: not only is the ravage of Quel'thalas a weight on her, but Kereneia Vespersong is killed by the Scourge's march as well as most of her half-siblings. Those that did not perish directly would fall into Wretchedness, Hammeth among them. Casmus Ashveil survives the despoiling of the Sunwell only to succumb to magical withdrawal, after drawn-out agony and legitimizing any children of him that would survive. Only two Ashveil bastards would outlive Casmus: Alairin, the daughter of a commoner with simple rearing that would feast upon her newly noble bounty; and Solyaris who would be named Administrator of the Greater Veil due to her higher education and refinement.

After the Third War, her personal life dwindles to little but correspondence with one Iphrea Blacksun, a priestess of the Emberlight with similar inclinations and background. Her diligence and effort would keep the Greater Veil stable and growing, ushering in an era of prestige for the Keepers of the Mysteries and increasing research in arcane and mundane matters within the Veil.

Solyaris would be contacted by the newly-formed order of paladins, the Blood Knights, due to her thesis and work in divine and arcane interactions. With her expertise, work on M'uru's draining is done to empower the paladins serving Quel'thalas.

Service in the Sunguard Edit

Iphrea's continued correspondence even as her native Emberlight is assailed by undead would intrigue Solyaris. Once the threat is repealed and Iphrea mentions a campaign in far-flung Draenor, with numbers being sorely needed among the paramilitary corps sent there, Solyaris would join the Sunguard on her confidante's recommendation. She is accepted as a battlemage into the Suncasters, under Azriah Thelryn, and deployed to Frostfire where she would honor herself by slaying a frost magnaron and being awarded the title of Frostheart.

She is also named Liaison for Arcanic Affairs between the Pathfinders and the Suncasters. Her tasks would concern the gathering of intel and questioning the populace along the Pathfinders in the region; from her new position she would become the acquaintance of Ranger-Captain Vaelrin Firestorm. First as a colleague, then as a close confidante who would serve as his support during the tribulations and doubts leading to his second marriage to Drissa Netherstar. She would be his lover before and after the Firestorm-Netherstar marriage failed, and she would appoint him as his Redemptor to offer him sufficient protection after the fallout of such.

In Perihelion, they would conceive a child before their formal marriage the 2nd of February, 32 years after the Opening of the Dark Portal. The ceremony, private and in accordance to Ashveil Mysteries, would have Solyaris concerning herself not only with the prosperity of the Greater Veil but with the resettlement of House Firestorm as relevant in peerage.

Due to Solyaris' pregnancy, she is unable to participate in the Sunguard's military campaign. Instead, she is assigned to the Ivory Spire as Interim Researcher and her position as Liaison for Arcanic Affairs is temporarily granted to Felo'thore Emberfell. As Researcher, she would coordinate and order any magical advancements by the Suncasters in the Grand Arcanist's absence, while longing to return to battle and participate actively.

Pasaria Hasieh Firestorm is born to Solyaris and Vaelrin Firestorm May 17, during the Sunguard's campaign against the Bleeding Eye and after the disappearance of her father in the conflict. He would return later to the family, if in a distant manner. Currently, she longs to return to active service, less burdened by duties she cannot set aside.


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