Snow Lily Edit

Type Edit

Petaled Flower

Location Edit

Krasarang Wilds, Kun-Lai Summit, and The Jade Forest

Environment Edit

Thrives in snow and freezing cold and is very rarely found growing in any warm climate

Medical Uses Edit


Recreational Uses (If Any) Edit

A watery crippling poison is made from its crushed petals that must be injected directly into the bloodstream. Once injected it gives a "frozen" feeling to the limbs of the victim and causes their body to go limp and numb till they collapse. Not a deadly poison but can leave permanent damage to use of limbs if left too long.

A watery antidote to the poison is made from its stem that must be injected into the bloodstream for a week for the victim to recover fully. Will cleanse the body of the toxins and eventually give full use back to the victims body. Can get addictive as it gives a warmer, slightly numbing feeling at small dosages.


Compounds Created (If Any) Edit


Flower Meaning Edit


Submitted By Edit

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