Sir Valdanir Eru'dath

The Sword of the Morning

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Art by Pyrar.




Blood Elf



Place of Birth

Eversong Woods


The Blood Knight Order
The Royal Guard
The Sunguard


Silvermoon City
(The Court of the Sun)

Date of Birth



Nelrathyr Eru'dath (sister)


Guardian of Lady Iphrea Blacksun

 Sir Valdanir Eru'dath is a Blood Knight veteran sworn into the service of the Blacksun family following his acquaintence with Lady Iphrea Blacksun. His long and leal service to the kingdom of Quel'thalas has awarded him several distinctions, though there are few as prestigious as his former position as the now deceased Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider's venerated Royal Guard.

Valdanir is regarded as a hard but fair man whose many experiences and tribulations are worn plainly upon his face. The House of Eru'dath, a relatively small noble house in the Thalassian peerage, has achieved impressive renown by the efforts of himself and his sister, Nelrathyr Eru'dath.


If not for his scars, Valdanir could stand as an exemplary illustration of the fairness often attributed to those of elven blood. His austere face is marred by knotted, aged burn tissue that stretches from the line of his jaw up to his brow and claims his left eye, and the slight twist in the bridge of his nose speaks of a poor break that did not heal properly. The one eye that remains is a dull green and often taken with reservation that makes no clear distinction to exhibit requisite kindness.

Though the immaculacy of his Blood Knight plate proclaims him a warrior of the Light, his sinewy, lean frame is not that of a man possessing brute strength but rather deft lethality. The narrow cut of his torso and the span of his shoulders are hardly impressive paired with his unassuming and average stature, yet he strides with an authority that can be described as self assured or over confident, depending on the onlooking eye.

Though his age suggests a graceful and gradual withering into veneration that is common to elven kind, he moves with an almost unnatural vigor and youthfulness and appears uninhibited by the weakness of senescence.


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