The Shorel’Shol Union is a grouping of merchants built from the foundations of the Rosespear Families. Lead by the three families, multiple smaller merchant families have found their place in the grouping, finding the advantages and ties associated to the union enhancing to their business. Multiple families have expressed want to join in the Union, though have been found lacking and rejected in their requests.

Despite the somewhat difficult membership, they easily offer trade agreements through the union itself to anyone that would request it, and the public view of the Union itself has been deemed to be overwhelmingly positive. Some critics claim that it is a self-indulgent cause, meant only to profit the Rosespear House, yet no evidence has yet pointed to overwhelming advancement by the Rosespears themselves, as seen by their open behavior and decisions.  It works with other trade contingents, both within Quel’Thalas and throughout Azeroth as a whole. Some tendrils of business have even expanded to Draenor, both old and new.

Leaders of the Union Edit

Vesthiriel Rosespear Edit

Head of the Union, she was the one to take the ideas and unfinished negotiations for the Union and create it in the first year of her induction as head of the Rosespear business. Quick to advance the progress of it, she often times has proved immensely useful in expanding their interests and taking profitable risks. Never one to be claimed as some ruthless and cold woman, she meets all the investors and merchants who would wish to put their interests in the Shorel’Shol Union. Something of which has been noted greatly in the public eye.

Relo’daras Delithmere Edit

The man know more for his vast production of goods and expansive interests, he was the one to bring the largest draw of associates into the fray of the Union. Often times, his opinion has been given on the history of any such person or family that may wish to join, and rare times will he approach a family himself about such a thing, then directing them to Vesthiriel. He serves as the head of merchants.

Santhalma Emanthiel Edit

A friendly and boisterous woman who leads the division for shipments. She often will reach out to even the newest of shipping companies that come under her attention. By far, she’s pulled the largest amount of new business to the Union, in comparison to Relo’daras who had brought in the most members to the Union. Being the youngest of the union, she rarely offers her opinion in on things, but when it comes in terms of shipping, she is always the one to speak up and never afraid to offer what she is certain of.

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