Sho'tase Dawngaze
Artwork by Snarksonomy




Approximately 130


The Sunguard (Sunspear Oathsworn), House Dawnkissed (formerly), Emerald Circle (formerly)


Kailane Dawngaze (Niece); Sareliah Dawngaze (Mother); Sho'gaan Firefall (Father); Lycendis Dawngaze (Brother); Sarel'thas Dawngaze (Brother); Kethirias Dawngaze (Brother).

Eliminea Duskborne (Adopted Family)


Lawful Good


Privateer, Dawning Avenger

Shot'ase Dawngaze is the only remaining member of the Dawngaze Family and bastard offspring of House Firefall, both once known for their military prowess and tendency to produce proud soldiers for all branches of the Thalassian military. Formerly a vassal and swordswoman of the noble House Dawnkissed, Sho'tase is now the sole inheritor of the Emberfrost Hills, an expansive estate in northern Quel'thalas

Currently, she serves as a Dawnward in the Sunguard. She is a paladin serving in the Sunspear division, under the command of Knight-Commander Sakialyn Emberstar and Guardian Zalin Shadowsunder. Her specialization is dual-wielding two-handed swords, relying on speed and skill in battle rather than the defense of a shield, in the tradition of her paternal family.

Appearance Edit

Tall and stocky, Sho'tase carries her strength visibly -- well toned, she makes no secret of the fact that she has trained for long years in combat. She is almost never seen out of her armor, except for the rare formal occasion; when she is in other dress, she often looks vaguely uncomfortable and nervous. Rarely does she completely relax in the presence of strangers, and even in the presence of friends she often has an eye to the nearest door, as if expecting an ambush.

Auburn hair falls to her shoulders when she wears it down, in wild curls. However, the length does not diminish the thickness: Sho'tase's hair is thick and wavy, even when short.  Her face is youthful, with no age lines or wrinkles; compared to others of her race, she is still moderately young. A light coloring of freckles dot her cheeks and nose, telling of her time in the sun. Full lips are often tugged down into a frown of concentration; her facial expressions are muted, but for friends she smiles often.

Underneath her armor, scars are visible, especially when wearing dresses or other casual attire. Small burn scars litter her arms, like seams in plate armor. In the middle of her shoulderblades is a puncture scar, from which radiates acid-like burns that stretch up to the nape of her neck. Finally, deep pock marks line her right leg, as if created by very fine, strong vines.

Early Life Edit

Sho'tase grew up as the youngest child of four, following after three older brothers. By the time she was born, her elder siblings were already accomplished swordsmen. All three of them were warriors with various positions as personal bodyguards, members of the Thalassian military, and swordsmen pledged to House Dawnkissed. Her early childhood was spent constantly living up to the expectations of her mother, who took her responsibilities as training master of not only the main Dawngaze family, but all of its extensions, very seriously. Her days were spent learning various weaponry of both magical and non-magical origin, and at the age of maturity she chose to pursue the sword exclusively, having no magical talent to speak of. Despite the merciless teasing of her older brothers (who claimed, among other things, that she would never be able to lift a sword), Sho'tase learned to wield two blades at once, forsaking the security of a shield for the power of another weapon.

After disappointing her family by having no formal military aspirations to speak of, Sho'tase took up work as a swordswoman in the employ of House Dawnkissed It was the same noble family that her parents and brother, Lycendis, served, along with several extended family members. Although servants to the nobility, the Dawngaze family took particular pride in keeping them safe, engaged as both a self-sufficient military force and personal bodyguards to the Lord and Lady Dawnkissed, along with their only child, Eliminea. It was here that Sho'tase quickly became close to the heiress of the Dawnkissed estate, being the only person relatively close to her in age. Eliminea developed a form of adoration akin to hero worship for the young warrior, which served both to bolster Sho'tase's ego and soften her resolve for true swordplay, as the safety of Quel'thalas rarely afforded her the chance to exercise her skill in real battle.

Separation Edit

This peace in Quel'thalas was short-lived: the eve of the Third War came quickly, and House Dawnkissed was not immune to its' share of tragedy. Placed in the northwestern hills surrounding Quel'thalas, the home was uncomfortably close to Arthas's path of destruction, and was not spared in the tragic death march and subsequent mass murder. Sho'tase's entire family fell to the undead legion as they fought to defend House Dawnkissed from invaders. Both families, nobility and servants alike, were slaughtered by the Scourge -- except Sho'tase and the young Eliminea.

In a deliberate act of cowardice, Sho'tase refused to continue to stand guard over the remaining Dawnkissed family and fled from the estate at the sight of the undead masses, leaving several people to die as a result. Instead of fighting, Sho'tase snuck onto a ship bound for Kalimdor, stowing away for the voyage and fleeing into the forests of the continent. Eventually, dying of dehydration and hunger, she discovered a small group of Druids dedicated to correcting the pollution of the Felwood. While initially hesitant, the group realized that it would be inhumane to allow someone suffering so badly to die, and eventually took Sho'tase in, treating her injuries and encouraging her to keep going as best they could. When she was strong enough, she fled from the Emerald Circle as well -- though they kept an eye on her even when she lived alone, feeling responsible for her actions in the wood. Often the druids would ask for her assistance with dispatching fel enemies that reoccurred throughout the forest, as a way of keeping track of her and ensuring that no lasting harm was being done to a lone elf in the middle of a corrupted wasteland.

Sho'tase's character icon for the Sunguard Roll20 campaign.

The Sunguard Edit

As the call to arms to defend the Dark Portal progressed, the whispers of the invasion reached even the dark woods of the Felwood. Sho'tase realized that spending her entire life hiding from her problems could never truly bring her happiness; she realized the opportunity had finally presented itself for her to clear her name of the word 'coward', and returned to Silvermoon, joining the Sunguard.

Sho'tase joined the ranks of the Sunguard in Frostfire Ridge, becoming an Initiate in the Sunspear division. She has joined the military in their Frostfire Campaign to aid the Frostwolf Clan in protecting the area from the Iron Horde and other elemental threats. She also participated in the Talador and Spires campaigns in the attempt to restore Draenor to the hands of their Draenei allies. While in Talador, she befriended a Pathfinder by the name of Velianor Novastorm, quickly becoming fast friends with both the girl and several other Oathsworn. Since that point, she has opened up considerably to her companions, no longer keeping her former cowardice a deep secret from her friends and superiors.

Back on Thalassian soil, Sho'tase aided the Sunguard in the defense of the Emberlight, on the front lines against armies of the dead. Since the respite, she has been training extensively in preparation for the next deployment, learning to ride the god-bird Quzatol she stole from the Arakkoa in Draenor before the Sunguard returned to Azeroth. In addition, she entered into an arrangement with Sakialyn Emberstar, receiving paladin training in an attempt to learn to harness the Light. Currently she spends her days entertaining Velianor, training with her weaponry and her new mount, and attempting to master the homework Sakialyn provides in her progression as a paladin.

Hobbies and Relationships Edit

Hobbies Edit

Prior to becoming a dedicated swordswoman, Sho'tase was also a talented musician, becoming fairly adept in vocal performance. However, the profession was discouraged severely by her parents, who firmly believed that their offspring should only contribute to the family legacy in meaningful ways. Singing was, by all accounts, not something meaningful, and Sho'tase did not continue the hobby again until several years after her self-imposed exile from Silvermoon.

However, Sho'tase was encourage to pursue her interest in the alchemical arts as an extension of warfare knowledge. To this day, she remains a dedicated student of Herbology, often found researching various fauna native to her location. She is also a licensed alchemist, capable of making potions, flasks and elixirs for various military needs -- though all of it is purely alchemical, and anything inherently magical is past her capability, she is still extremely skilled and can provide strong and potent remedies for many illnesses, along with several augments for battle.

Relationships Edit

Velianor Novastorm: The first person in the Sunguard to recognize that Sho'tase was painfully shy and afraid of speaking to others out of turn, Velianor worked hard to bring Sho'tase into her circle of friends, quickly acclimating the other woman with the relationships and friendships of the Oathsworn. Now, Sho'tase considers Velianor one of her closest friends, and vows to remain a faithful companion to her young friend, always attentive and ready to protect the druid whenever she needs the assistance.

Sakialyn Emberstar: Sho'tase's direct superior in the Sunspear division, Sakialyn is a woman that Sho'tase both admires and is terrified of in one fell swoop. A stern woman but impeccably fair, Sakialyn has recently agreed to train Sho'tase in the ways of the Light, for which Sho'tase holds her in the highest admiration.

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