Shirexia Xasarda
art by abbakus




Appears late 30's (est. 500+)

Place of Birth

Falconwing Square, Quel'Thalas


The Reliquary (Former)

Thalassian Military
The Sunguard


Erandal Sunsorrow (Father)

Sonalyia Sir'anash (Mother, estranged)
Villius Sunsorrow (Brother, estranged)
Lethandrian Sil'aran (Husband, deceased)
Zanthian Xasarda (Husband)
Roenya Xasarda (Daughter)


Neutral Good



Shirexia is a melee combatant who operates under the auspices of the Sunguard's Pathfinder unit. She is best known for her practical approach to formulating tactics and her taciturn interactions with many of her peers. Though hers was a presence that assisted in the establishment of the Sunguard and previously acted as one of its officers, her renewed service has seen her to the rank of Dawnward.

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Private Life Edit

Little of Shirexia's life beyond battlefields and the nigh-perpetual burden of duty is accessible to the purview of her colleagues. Attempts to subvert or intrude upon her high regard for privacy are typically answered with varying degrees of disapproval dependent upon the subject and the manner in which it is broached. Nevertheless, there are some facets of her identity discovered by others both adhering and absent her permission.

  • She does not consider herself a botanist proper, but makes use of herbal components to both aid in her esteem as a field medic and consume recreationally.
  • Edibles such as tarts, chocolate, and pastries are among her favored food items.
  • She has one daughter, Roenya, approaching one year in age.
  • Her father's genealogy is heavily tilted toward the Farstrider persuasion, though she herself is not. Scarce information is available regarding Shirexia's mother.