Shalyndr Bloodquill








City Guard (formally)


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
Brightquill Merchants
The Sunguard


V'liyidan Sunshard (Husband)‡
N'elydris Sunshard (Son)‡
Aruenna Sunshard (Daughter)
Iiloridan Sunshard (Son)
Kalyanar Brightquill (Nephew)
Maeldir Brightquill (Nephew) Apolli Sunshard (Grandchild)‡
Bel'alah Sunshard (Grandchild)
Iirinar Sunshard (Grandchild)
Dalchirya Sunshard (Grandchild)
A'enlyndr Sunshard (Grandchild)





Eldest daughter of the eldest daughter in a matrilineal family line, Shalyndr Brightquill should have been content to follow along with the family business. However, despite her love for the family and their traditions, the need to fight and defend was in her blood.  Taking her place as their family's contribution to Quel'thalas' military, Shalyndr rose through the ranks to become a city guard and spellbreaker.

Unfortunately, her calling would lead to her demise.  Falling with the city she defended, the fierce woman was raised as a death knight under Arthas' command.  Eventually breaking free along with the rest of her undead brethren and taking on the name of 'Bloodquill', her late return to the city she had given her life for only brought her further sorrow.

With the majority of her family dead and her surviving children terrified of her current state, she has turned to the Sunguard and the defence of Quel'thalas to regain a sense of purpose once more.


In life, Shalyndr matched the rest of her family in color and tone, though she stood out when it came to height and personality. With richly brown, freckled skin and bright copper-red curls, and standing at an amazonian-statured six foot three, she was a beast of a beauty.

In death, her previously bright hair has gone a stark, icy white, and her skin is more gray than brown.  Her death-wounds are morbidly visible, the great gash that felled her crudely stitched and glowing blue across her throat.


Shalyndr was a force of nature in personality. Boisterous, good humored, and affectionate toward her family and friends, she was well liked and often the center of attention when in a room with others.

In death, she has gone quiet and withdrawn, content to observe the living rather than risk interacting with them directly unprompted.