Shadows of Zul'aman is book seven of The Farstrider's Apprentice series. Preceded by The Warlock's Bane and followed by The Return Home to Quel'thalas.

It was based on auther, Farstrider Sym Brightarrow's experiences in Zul'aman, combined with those of the adventuring group that were with him. It's considered a 'stand alone' novel.

Plot summary Edit

Alyndor's and his fellow Apprentices are being taken by Alyndor's Master- the Farstrider Eve'lyn, to Zul'aman to help the Ranger-General and the Farstriders push back the troll threat. But when the trolls kidnap Eve'lyn and begin to prepare to unleash their magic upon the Farstriders it's up to Alyndor and his friends to go inside and prevent the trolls from sacrificing Eve'lyn! Can Alyndor and his friends make it in time to save Eve'lyn from being sacrificed?

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