Sederis Emberheart
Art by: Drawingllamas


Blood Elf



Place of Birth

The Emberglades


Lord of The Emberglades
The Pilgrim of War
Commander of the Death Seekers


Emberward of the Sunguard
Bannerlord of the Emberglades (Formerly)


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The Horde
The Sunguard


Mereded Emberheart (Father)Deceased
Sheniel Emberheart (Mother)Deceased
Solendis Emberheart (Brother)
Rel'riah Ilithia (Sister-in-law)
Stenden Emberheart (Nephew}


True Good

Sederis Emberheart is an Emberward of the Sunguard. Once disgraced heir, he now serves as a figurehead for House Emberheart, Lord to the Emberglades only by title. Founder and leader of a company of Oathsworn known as the Death Seekers, Sederis commands the loyalty and obedience of his troops through a mix of discipline and mutual respect.

Description Edit

Sederis has face that has been weathered by war. Owner of a defined jawline and strong features, he would've been handsome if not for ugly scars that dot his face; marks that he wears with both pride and confidence.

His physique reflects his role on the battlefield. Trained as a monk in Pandaria, he practices a mix of traditional Quel'dori Spearmanship and Shado-pan technique. Making him toner and more agile than the average frontliner, but bulkier than a light infantryman.

History Edit

Sederis Emberheart, like many other Blood Elves, was sent to war by his family's desire to seek revenge on Arthas. Sent to lead a battalion of drafted soldiers, Sederis and his men served under the Argent Crusade and the Horde Expeditionary Forces. Eventually, finding a place for himself with the 73rd Warsong Honorguard for his valor on the battlefield. He continued to serve, even after the last of his men under his command were killed in action.

Following the 73rd, he served an extended period of time at Wintergrasp Fortress until Garrosh Hellscream rose to power. After which he fought in the Twilight Highlands, earning him a reputation that had him later selected as a paratrooper during the Dominance Offensive. It was in that campaign where he was officially declared Missing In Action after the Assault on the Temple of the Red Crane.

During this time, he trained under a retired member of the Shado-pan called Valorous Yang. Over the next few years, the Pandaren eventually convinced him to stop chasing wars and to return home.

He did so briefly, before returning to Orgrimmar only to discover his unit had been disbanded after the Seige of Orgrimmar. Honorably discharged by the New Horde, Sederis soon found himself a freelancer- One of the many who would find themselves trapped in a battle for survival in Draenor.

After a stint in Ashran, he worked as a guardsman for Warspear for months before heeding the call of the Sunguard. Signing up days before their final Campaign in Northrend.

Personality Edit

After spending the last decade as a soldier, Sederis is a disciplined soldier and easy-going commander. Following orders to the letter, he only ever occasionally breaks rules to raise the morale of his fellow Oathsworn. He aids others where he can, protecting the weak, trying to make the world a better place however he can.

Recently, Sederis feels as if he has been given a new lease of life, attaining new reasons and people to live for. This led to an eventual reconciliation with his family, filling him with optimism and hope for a better tomorrow.

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