Samni the Warlock (Art by Mootlocke)


Half-Elf Forsaken


62 (includes time dead)



Place of Birth

Lordaeron, Lordaeron Crypts


Lillian Tigersvale—mother (deceased)

Herald Tigersvale—step-father (deceased)

???—father (unknown)

Lionel Tigersvale—brother


Neutral Evil



Samni is a half-elf Forsaken warlock and a current Lightward of The Sunguard. She is one of the few active Forsaken within the ranks.

She primarily utilizes destruction abilities and utilizes her green fel-flames in battle. She has some ability with shadow affliction magics and has experimented with a variety of shadow-based curses.

Keeping her hood and mask up most of the time, one would not know she is a half-elf, a secret she keeps to herself and very close friends. She is also very shy and doesn't like to talk to people she is unfamiliar with unless she has to. She is often seen with her partner, Cypress, an undead elf mage.

Appearance Edit

Samni has light gray skin and surprisingly beautiful facial features should she show her face, showing a bit more of her elven genetics rather than her human ones. She has short pointed ears that she keeps hidden behind her shoulder-length purple hair, and elongated canines from years of warlock corruption. Her eyes are a bright glowing yellow and long sharp clawed fingers that are both typical of a Forsaken. Overall, she doesn't appear to display as much rot as you'd expect, being very well preserved aside from a few of her joint bones showing through and her collarbone where her large death scar is present. She is relatively tall at 5'10", but quite thin with hardly any body fat at all - likely weighing no more than 120lbs. 

Background (In Life) Edit


Samni in Life and Death: Art by Fiship (Matilda Black)

Samni was born as Samantha Neofeli Tigersvale to a very prestigious and wealthy human noble family approximately 60 years ago. Unfortunately, she was a bastard half-elf that her mother decided to keep but worked hard to prevent anyone from discovering her lineage. She has short pointed ears indicating such. In life she had long curly crimson red hair and human-like blue eyes. Her non-glowing irises being a lucky human trait of hers that helped to keep her lineage hidden. Her mother would actually pin her ears to her hair and style it so that it hid them well, since it was the primary tell-tale trait of her bastard origins. She never knew her real high-elf father, but the Tigersvale family consisted of her and her half-brother Lionel alongside her mother and ‘father’, whom all had light blonde h air. Her brother and her were very close friends due to her seclusion in her youth and they would always find new ways to spend time together or get into trouble. When Samantha got older, she started to attend more of her families events and was trained in all forms of etiquette and nobility. Her brother joined a local rogue’s guild that was funded by the family but she mostly stayed at home cooped up, and was saddened that she didn’t see him as much anymore in their teenage years. In her early twenties she fell in love with a noble human man in secret. His family wasn’t as wealthy and mostly wanted to marry her for the status, so he showered her with attention and false love and quickly offered her his engagement without her family's knowledge. When they inevitably became intimate after he engaged, he discovered her ears and also the secret of her origins. Instead of being a decent person, he ran back to his family in a huff. They were naturally outraged by this secret that humiliated their own family, almost marrying to a half-elf bastard. With some negotiations, they struck up a deal with the Tigersvale family to have her killed to preserve both of their names; otherwise they would tell all the noble houses about the secret and the Tigersvale name would lose all credibility and reputation. Her ‘father’ was outraged and her mother became placid and hopeless, so they agreed to have her killed. Samantha ran after being warned by Lionel, and tried to escape her family from murdering her for five years.

Sadly, after about three years she discovered that something happened to her brother Lionel. She was no longer being chased by mercenaries and criminals, but instead by her own brother. Her family was so desperate to maintain their reputation that they forced the rogue’s guild he was in to essentially torture him into insanity. He lost his mind after a year of constant torture and experiments and became this evil monster known as ‘The Executioner’, a very talented assassin rogue with no morality or humanity left within him. Eventually he caught up to her and murdered his sister when she gave up, partially due to her exhaustion from running away all that time and the hope that maybe there was something left of the Lionel she knew. She was wrong.

Background (In Death) Edit

After her death her mother felt some degree of grief, secretly taking her and burying her in a secret crypt in Lordaeron. Approximately 16 years ago at the beginning of the Third War, she was raised as an undead from her crypts, attacking innocents and finding herself mindless for nearly a year. After she regained her mind, all her memories flashed back at her and the betrayal of her ex-fiancée in particular causing her deep rooted anger. She wanted power, and would do anything to get it. She sought out a warlock master and was brought to the Nether where she trained with her Eredar master Ala’khi for ten years. After her training was complete she sought out any of her family members who betrayed her with her ex-fiancée her primary focus. Most of her family she discovered to be dead to the best of her knowledge, including her brother Lionel, but her ex-fiancée had become a servant of Arthas. She promptly went up to Northrend to murder him by burning him alive and sealing his soul in a corrupted soulstone that she angrily threw into the Twisting Nether to float in agony for all of eternity. 

Samni Sketch

(Art by Maddie S.B.)

Not long after this, she discovered that she would have horrible nightmares if she slept. One night she awoke from her nightmare of her murder in an uncontrollable rage and burned down an entire inn full of innocent families in the mountains. As a result she decided to forgo sleeping and found a small house in the far side of the Eastern Plaguelands near the ocean where she lived by herself in solitude for an extended period of time. After she saved a wandering priest from ghoulish wolves, she realized that she could help others by protecting them and guarding them with her warlock abilities.  

Early Sunguard Edit

Recently, even after all the people she killed and the murders she had committed willingly or in an insane rage, she felt that she needed to serve the people in some way to repent so she sought a militant order to join. Realizing that she could not stand most races (particularly her own) she opted with the Sin’dorei heavy Sunguard, finding blood elves to overall be more pleasant company and more honorable than some.

Wandering back into the world she was very paranoid that anyone connected to her family would find her and go after anyone she knows (like Lionel ultimately would), so she keeps her hood up and her mask on in public and only takes her mask off when she trusts someone significantly.

Soon after joining the Sunguard, she found an old friend Varia whom she used to protect some months before. Initially, Varia was a little unsure of Samni - particularly after the warlock threatened her new boyfriend Lyrelark in the case that he ever hurt her. The Sin'dorei priest ended up needing Samni's assistance taking down her resurrected father who she had killed in self-defense a few weeks prior. Samni saved Varia and helped to take him down, burning him with flame to destroy him once and for all.

Traveling to Draenor, the warlock helped the Sunguard battle against the arrakoa. During one of these battles she was severely wounded by a laser construct, suffering severe burns for a few weeks time.

Not long after returning from Draenor, Lyrelark was kidnapped and taken to a the Isle of Giants by Hymn, an evil shadow-priest who had cursed him previously. They saved him with the help of Varia, Sho'tase, and Crescendion, but Samni had to burn his curse away - which made him experience the pain of death four times over.

Feeling dreadful guilt about causing her friend such pain, she sought vengeance on Hymn. Finding her broken and beaten from the earlier battle it wasn't difficult to take her down. She sent the woman to the void with a damning curse that slowed time - making her experience the pain of her soul getting ripped apart in slow motion.
Samni and Cypress

Cypress offering a daisy to Samni, which ended up being an alias while she fought undercover within the cult. (Art by lilredbandit)

Cult of the Olive Flame Saga Edit

While she was killing Hymn, an unusual undead elf mage who appeared to be associated with a cult called the Olive Flame. She was very suspicious of this man at first as she often is, but later discovered he was held captive by the cult and she devoted a large part of her time to try to free him. Eventually, he became known as Cypress, a talented surgeon and engineer who had been forced into creating experimental synthetic fel-infused projects for the cult. These experiments were released into the world and Cypress and Samni worked together to take them out... over 150 of them. During this process she discovered that she was capable of making friends again, and even became quite a bit more involved with the man after the half year of fighting experimental monsters together but will generally not speak of it to anyone else being the extremely private person that she is. He became her partner, and even became a mother figure to Cypress' daughter, A, despite her protests against such closeness to the teenage girl. Eventually, they defeated the cult's goblin leader, Hellvix with an assault by the Burning Shield.

Resurgence of "The Executioner" Edit

Only a few months after she had met Cypress and was deep in fighting the cult's projects, her warlock master Ala'khi discovered that Lionel was in fact still alive and still running under the guise of ‘The Executioner’. Unfortunately, he also discovered that she was raised when she was temporarily captured by the Alliance during one of their missions. This led to him seeking her out and when he found her, she found herself unable to fight her brother back and he stabbed her through the abdomen with the intent to let her die slowly while he killed everyone she knew before her. Luckily her master and Cypress came to her aid and managed to fight him off, but not kill him. Badly wounded, Lionel ran and she hasn't seen him since.  

Current Whereabouts Edit

Samni is currently fighting the Bleeding Eye with the Sunguard in Northrend. While on recess, she discovered her curse on Hymn enabled the woman's soul to escape the void - because she didn't actually destroy her. Hymn was summoned back to this world and inhabits whatever innocent bodies she can find. The threat of Lionel and Hymn still sits in the back of her mind, and she knows that when she returns from Northrend, she will need to kill her brother and take down Hymn once and for all. She now resides in a home she built on a floating Isle off of old Nagrand, in the Twisting Nether itself. This home is protected by a large force field that will only allow people with a soul shard of hers to pass through it as a precaution to protect herself and Cypress from her many enemies.

(Art by Trey Capps aka. Lazarus)

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