Redros Dawnsworn
Redros by oboon
Art by Oboon



Place of Birth


Noble Houses

House Darkheart

Military Titles

Senior Sergeant, Horde War Machine (Former)
Lightward of the Sunguard


Sunspear of The Sunguard


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The Sunguard

Known Family

Caeliri Dawnsworn
Zaelarin Darkheart


Lawful Neutral



Redros Dawnsworn is a swordsman and Sunspear within the ranks of The Sunguard. Redros is a former Senior Sergeant under the 133rd Regiment of the Horde War Machine, and a longtime blade-for-hire. Most recently, Redros found himself under the employ of the Sunguard, alongside his companion, Nelrathyr Eru'dath. He currently holds the rank of Lightward, after recently finding a promotion for his efforts in Frostfire.

While Redros has and likely always will remain away from the politics of nobility, he does hold the title of Champion under the House of Darkheart, oft fighting on behalf of his cousin in the past. The two are no longer on speaking terms, but he considers it a part of his past nonetheless.

Description Edit

Redros by snarksonomy

Redros, by Snarksonomy.

Redros is an elf that has seen his fair share of ups and downs - the ups can be seen with the smile he still wears, and the downs are displayed through the various scars that litter his muscled form.

The big guy is a warrior and swordsman, if it wasn't apparent by his hulking build and full suit of plate armor. He is and will always be the type meant for war, and he's spent most of his life either drinking or fighting.

His hair is a dark, raven-black; most of the time it appears clean and combed, but he can get a little messy sometimes. His face is almost always scruffy - he's on the cusp of growing a full beard, but his genetics likely don't allow it. It often looks bushy, but can get pretty patchy in certain places.

He usually totes a broadsword on his back, but considers himself an expert with many forms of weaponry. So while he calls himself a "sword for hire," it's likely a very elegant way of saying that he's a mercenary. One look at Redros, though, and it's obvious that there's not anything elegant about him. From his weaponry to his armor, it's clear he's spent these past years in the Horde under Orcish influence.

Coin has always seemed to guide Redros' ambitions, and the Sunguard is the best possible place for a man of his refine taste. Despite his outward appearance, Redros is a fan of living life to the fullest, and often times indulges in things he normally shouldn't or wouldn't be able to if he were not provided such a salary for his work.

History in The Sunguard Edit

A true blade-for-hire, Redros did not find his first action as a member of the Sunguard under their main contingent, but as a supplemental force to the House of Sunblade. This marked his first fit of combat against the scourge under the Sunguard as a whole, and the warrior found victory under the command of Lady Shanaal Sunblade.

Despite his success, Redros garnered little attention under the banner of the Sunguard - and preferred it that way. Not long after the scourge's forces were pushed back at the Battle of the Dawnspire, Redros found himself tasked to investigating the Truefeather Crypts under the command of Sunward Telchis Truefeather.

Much to the group's dismay, they were met with resistance most startling: Felthier Truefeather's father, Finnistan. Despite fighting well, Redros drew the ire of the daunting undead Lord, and was swiftly incapacitated. Though he fell, the Sunguard still found success after a great struggle ensued. The blow dealt to the warrior looked excruciating, but Redros managed to walk away largely unscathed - a testament to his resilience and high tolerance for pain.

When the dark portal re-opened and the threat of the Iron Horde emerged, Redros eagerly volunteered to make his way to the Blasted Lands with a small contingent of Sunguard forces. The opportunity to fight was welcome, but the chance to explore a new world appealed to the entrepreneurial side of him. Alongside Nelrathyr, the two traveled to the Blasted Lands and eventually crossed the dark portal into Draenor to do battle against the Iron Horde. Redros remained there until a portal was linked between dimensions - though he returned to Azeroth, he knew his stay would be short.

The threat of the Bleeding Eye Cult was still very real in Azeroth, and Redros was put to task not long after returning from Draenor. Under Highlord Arandur Brightsword's orders, a formidable contingent of Sunspears investigated the threat further. The group were met with resistance rather quickly. Charged with breaking the front line of the opposition, Redros relished in the thought of combat. He did, however, get carried away; though he was given no punishment for it, he hastily pummeled a shadow priestess who was later revealed to be the Highlord's sister. After further fighting, the group was successful in slaying Master Necromancer Layrenth to deal quite a blow to the Bleeding Eye's morale.

Redros by eriene

Redros, by Eriene.

The call to arms came once more, and this time, the threat was found in Draenor. Though Nelrathyr decided to remain in Azeroth, Redros crossed the portal again to do battle against the Iron Horde. Working alongside the Frostwolf Orcs of Frostfire, a contingent of Sunguard fought in the Battle of the Ironbreaker. While in disguise, the group traveled by rylak onto the Ironbreaker, a warship used by the Orcish forces in Draenor. The group of Sunguard revealed themselves and immediately fought a bloody battle. The group eventually killed Vakgar Voidheart and took hold of the Ironbreaker in the name of the Sunguard.

Redros had little time to rest, as a surprise attack by the Burning Blade Clan hit the Bladespire, where the Sunguard forces chose to rest. The battle was very close, but the Burning Blade's Asu Flamesteel found death and the Sunguard managed to repel the Orcish forces to keep hold of the Bladespire. It wasn't long before the Sunguard rallied their forces under the Gallant Telchis Truefeather to fight the Thunderlord forces under Rhaka Gorefist, Ulgra One-Eye and Grimgore Wolfbane in the Battle of Daggerspine Ravine. With assistance from their Frostwolf allies, the Sunguard were ultimately victorious.

In what turned to be quite a mighty challenge and a bloody battle, Redros and a force of Sunguard commanded under Dawnward Drissa Netherstar fought an ice magnaron simply called Rokk the Mighty. Removing such a threat was a task in itself, but the Sunguard narrowly managed to slay the beast despite suffering several blows to their forces. For his efforts thus far, Redros was awarded a promotion to the rank of Lightward, thus granted command of a larger force for the coming battle.

With the stage set for what was predicted to be a large battle, Redros and the Sunguard forces met a great army of Iron Horde Orcs, all hailing from different clans. Even though the Sunguard were ultimately victorious, Redros fell in battle to the might of Burning Blade Saberguards. Now recovering, Redros has plans to return to Azeroth and rest until at full health once more.

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