Razail Dusksinger, a Blood Elf Rogue, is a part of the Pathfinders unit in The Sunguard.  With little to no knowledge of his family history, beyond recently finding a picture and the location of his parent’s home, he has a desire to know that which he has lost and to fill the hole of ‘family’ he’s not known.

History Edit

Born around the outskirts of Dalaran, before the city was destroyed.  His mother was a mage with a kind heart and a love of the beautiful clothing she always wore.  His father was a caster, and he does not remember much of the man.  At the age of 5, he watched as his parents were killed, almost dying along with them.  A troll rogue, Ra'zenki, snuck in and killed the attacker before it had the chance to finish Razail off.  After the rogue had secured his kill, he had noticed the boy was still barely alive and took him to his twin brother, Ra'zha.  He was healed enough to save his life, and the small troll family took him with while he recovered.

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