Elven hall by Suyoung Moon


The Dawnspire
Sundial Anchorage


House of Truefeather




The Sunguard
House of Rainwood
House of Truefeather
Crimson Fleet
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas

Rainhall is the ancestral seat of the now defunct House Rainwood. It is a large fortified lighthouse that sits within the mouth of Sundial Anchorage. Its strength is only rivaled by the legendary Dawnspire Citadel. Rainhall has also served as a military college for the Royal Thalassian Navy in the past and most recently for the Crimson Fleet, the private navy of the thalassian regiment known as the Sunguard.

Rainhall boasts strong fortifications that are suited to fend off warships which include wedge shaped towers, thick fortified walls, and no direct access via land. It is built upon a large rock within the harbor and the elves have carved out stone face. It features several large halls and can support a garrison of 5,000 soldiers up to a full year of siege. Given the sea-spray and constant storms that batter its white marble fortifications, the stones there have become weathered, slick, and smooth over the years.

Rainhall serves as the offices to Admiral Telchis Truefeather, and also holds the quarters of the many captains of the Crimson Fleet. There are rumors, however, that the hall my be given as a prize for someone eager to swear vassalage to House Truefeather.

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