Capital City:


Largest City:

Summersea Anchorage



Noble Houses:

House of Highvale





Economic Status:


The island of Quel'Valas is a thalassian colony located within the south seas. It is a protectorate of the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas and was founded in year -1380 B.P. and served as a trading outpost for the budding elven Kingdom. It's primary purpose was to trade with the nations that boarded the South Seas. Unlike Quel'Thalas, Quel'Valas was not gifted with the beauty of eternal spring, instead it is a tropical place of hot and wet seasons. The island features several prominent settlements. The island has been ruled by the prominent House of Highvale, which has blood ties to the Sunstriders Dynasty. Lord Baelen Highvale has ruled the isle since its founding, now at the venerable age of 6,000, there are rumors of his aging health.

In recent times, Quel'Valas has taken measures to become increasingly autonomous from the ruling authority of Silvermoon City. Having sent soldiers to the Second and Third Wars, Quel'Valas has retained a long standing history in fighting alongside their northern kin. When a great Naga Invasion occurred in 24 A.P. Quel'Valas stood alone and suffered tremendous losses. It wasn't until an intervention from Kul'Tirias were the elves able to turn the tide. Resentment in the lack of aid from the High Home has left many on the island to consider how they would fare independently. 

While there are half a hundred minor noble houses and a thousand knightly houses, Quel'Valas is primarily ruled by the Highvales and other artocracy. A rising Merchant Class has paved the way for the expansion of the island's influence. Now Valassian traders reach far across the South Seas from Kalimdor, Pandaria, to the Azerothian Kingdoms. 

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