House of Highvale




Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
House of Highvale

The fortress city of Quel'Islin is the capital of the thalassian province of Quel'Valas. It is known for its tall towers and formidable walls, on which are painted frescos and tiles. The castle towers over the central defensive position of the isle, and holds the majority of the island's garrison. Valassian warriors are known for their particular ferocity in battle and as such the castle also sports many fighting areans where soldiers test their talents against one and other. Quel'Islin also digs down deep into the mountain it is built upon, giving it strong internal defenses from siege, although it has never been put to battle before. Several small villages support the income of the castle city and despite being the strongest fortification in the province, it is the smallest city.

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