Priest of Belore

The Priests of Belore are a sect of light worshiping priests who combat the malevolent effects of the Curse of the Fade. These priest are trained and found only within the Emberlight, a southern province of Quel'Thalas. Priests of Belore use a method of channeling the light to lift the curse off of recently departed spirits. This process allows the spirit to pace peacefully into the afterlife. They are also more specifically designed to combat malevolent spirits corrupted by the curse. They are seen as benevolent benefactors as opposed to their mortal foe known as Mandrakes.

Training Edit

The process to become a Priest of Belore is a long and arduous one. Most initiates begin their training at the age of fourteen and continue it for almost a century. At the start they are indoctrinated in the many rituals required to combat the curse of the fade. Overtime, they are taught methods to place themselves in a trance. Trances allow a priest to commune both with the spirit realm of the Fade and the physical realm. Experiences priests will be able to simultaneously be in both outside a trance.

Training is critical due to the heavily corrupting elements of the fade. Inexperienced priests entering trances may allow an evil spirit to inhabit their body. To increase their magical potency, Priests of Belore will ritually tattoo themselves with red ink in runic markings. This allows them a stronger dominance over their trance-state. These markings are normally done in the final part of their training.

Warfare Edit

Given their potent abilities to manifest healing magics. Priests of Belore are often drafted into military service during times of war. While they are relatively pacifits otherwise, their purpose is to combat evil spirits, which often coincides with the missions of aligned armies. There are subsects of the priesthood who are more dedicated to battle mending than others. Even more rarely are Dusk Priests, members who excel in mastering shadow magic over light.

Dusk Priests Edit

For every one hundred priests trained, the priesthood finds one whose power excels in shadow magic. These oddities are known as Dusk Priests and are equally held in respect and disgust by their holy order. This come from the fact that Dusk Priests are unable to wield the power of the light, but are the only ones able to summon and subdue mandrakes.

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