Phoenix Guard
Phoenix Guard in Flamecrest Armor







The Phoenix Guard is a regiment of elite soldiers founded to serve as the personal guard and police force of the Convocation of Silvermoon and the Thalassian Senate. They are renowned as expert halberdiers and often work to route out traitors of the Thalassian State. While primarily an infantry unit, the Phoenix Guard also holds several magical talents that allow them to deal with hostile spellcasters.

While they have similar roles of the Royal Guard, they are tasked with the protection of the Senate and serve as elite protectors of the realm.

They are renowned for their fearlessness and in battle, and only those of equal bravery and skill are permitted to wear their mantle.

Notable Phoenix Guard within the Sunguard Edit

Lady Dehrys Everbrook

Lord Sederis Emberheart

Lady Vaeronia Dawntreader

Corran Autumnlight

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