Os'golde Firefall
Osgoldun mad-maddie
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Sho'tase Dawngaze (niece)
Kailane Dawngaze (great-niece)


The Sunguard, Dawnmenders


True Neutral


The Lady Surgeon

The sole resident of the ruins of the former House of Firefall, Os'golde stands as the sole remaining child of a once-prosperous minor noble family residing in the Greyvale. The noble house now dissolved, the woman serves as a surgeon and Dawnmender under Greenseer Cere'thien Blackwood. Known for her particular gifts in shadow and blood magic, Os'golde is a quiet mender who specializes in healing the undead and troubled patients who deal poorly with the Light.

Early Life Edit

Born to the Sin'dorei Lord of the House of Firefall and his human lover, Sarah Johnson, the half-elf Os'golde was brought to The Greyvale at a young age, officially recognized as the Lord's bastard daughter. Installing Sarah as the head of the family's private infirmary, Os'golde was raised to worship and revere the Light. Swiftly, the woman became a priestess in her own right, fully dedicated to practicing Holy magic.

Unfortunately, the corruption of the Greyvale wrought its problems upon the happy young woman. After witnessing her mother's strange and brutal murder -- thought to be brought about by the jealous Lady of the house, Ahn'dase Firefall -- Os'golde lost her faith in the light. Turning to Ahn'dase for guidance, the woman took up the power of shadow magic -- and later, blood magic -- to continue to replicate the light's healing magic for her work as a mender.

Not long before the Third War, Os'golde rescued a human sailor-rogue named Aiden Taylor from drowning off the coast of Quel'Thalas during a vacation trip with her family. The two quickly fell in love, marrying in a quiet ceremony held only for her immediate family. Os'golde and Aiden had one son, Fionan Taylor -- a jovial and outspoken toddler with a strong penchant for light magic, much like his mother. After receiving the call to arms of Arthas Menethil, Aiden returned to the Lordaeron militia that he had departed from, leaving Os'golde and Fionan behind for the ill-fated march to Northrend.

Third War and Beyond Edit

The fate of the Firefalls is still shrouded in mystery. After the War, Os'golde stepped forward as the sole survivor of the ensuing chaos -- none of the rest of the family survived the Scourge attack on Quel'thalas, include Os'golde's son, Fionan. Aiden did not survive the march to Northrend, but returned to Os'golde as a death knight -- though also left of his own accord several years later, for unknown reasons.

Shaken but undeterred, Os'golde took up work as a local surgeon and mender, hiding her talent with shadow and blood magic in the time after the War and pretending to operate solely as a holy priest -- although the use of the Light, with the shadow's influence, now pained her to use.

Eventually, upon hearing of her niece, Sho'tase Dawngaze, returning to Quel'Thalas and taking up arms with The Sunguard, Os'golde also enlisted her services as a Dawnmender, where she remains to this day. Os'golde very nearly died in the Winter of Woe -- but thanks to quick-thinking and the use of intense blood magic practices, the woman shrugged off her the cost of the rest of her remaining light magic abilities. Completely dedicated to the path of shadow, Os'golde still refuses to do anything but aid the injuried, and continues to serve in a healing capacity for the Guard.

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