Orionus Starfallen (Novastorm)
Orion in ceremonial robes




103 (current timeline)


Dawnmeadow Canyon


Jade Temple Disciple, Brewer, Medic


Adrianal Novastorm (father) Felo'thore Emberfell Novastorm (father) Cassiopeia Novastorm (sister)


House Novastorm The Emberfell Artisanship Peak of Serenity The Sunguard


Orionus (Oh-ry-un-uss) is a quiet and highly perceptive healer with an unrivaled devotion to his practice. In his early life, he strove to become a Novastorm Water Priest after training as a paladin and mage guard. But when the Dawnmeadow Canyon made its intent clear not to choose him, Orionus froze his pursuit in the Light and instead sought the powerful healing energies of chi taught within the Tian Monastery. With the Legion having decimated everything held dear to them and the assistance of the Bronze Dragonflight, Orionus and his older sister, Cassiopeia are hurled 100 years back through the past in hopes of altering their grim fate. Orionus is Felo’thore & Adrianal’s future biological son, though in the current timeline they do not know his relation to him.

Appearance Edit

Orionus stands five feet, five inches tall, a notably short man with a thick and nimble frame. Strength is visible in his chiseled muscle and brawny hands as well as his love for fine Pandaren cuisine evident with his slight paunch. His hair is a wavy rose-golden blonde color and is often tied back in a loose ponytail. A strong, square jaw frames his face with an often stern shape in his expression. His eyes are large and opulent, misty in color and rest under thick brows. Every inch of his skin is mottled with a healthy dusting of freckles. A magnificent tattoo of a cloud serpent extends down the entire right side of his body, from forearm to ankle, expressing his devotion to the celestial, Yu'lon's teachings. The ink will illuminate when Orionus taps into the spiritual energies within himself for healing or meditation.


Part of Orionus's Yu'lon tattoo

Early Life Edit


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